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4 Restaurants in Victoria: Vegan

Try delicious burgers at vegan restaurants in Victoria

As many vegans already know burgers don't have to be meat based, and there are delicious options for those who don't eat animal products as well. There are plenty of patties available at vegan restaurants in Victoria, including the beetroot patties at Johnny Mack's Vegan Family Diner on High Street in Preston, Melbourne. You'll have a hard time choosing between the Beets By Jay burger (a house patty with lettuce, mustard and garlic mayo), the Steezeburger Juicey (with fake cheese, BBQ apple sauce and green onions) or, for something totally different, the chip samba (fried root vegetables in a bun with mayo, rocket and balsamic).

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The Origin Tales

Brunswick East
The Origin Tales

Vegie Mum Fitzroy

Vegie Mum Fitzroy

Billy & Lucy Botanic

Billy & Lucy Botanic
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Johnny Mack's Vegan Family Diner

Johnny Mack's Vegan Family Diner
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    Enjoy some small plates at vegan restaurants in Victoria

    Whether you just want a light bite to fill a gap in between meetings or fancy kicking off a larger meal with a starter, there are plenty of vegan friendly snacks you can enjoy at vegan restaurants in Victoria. At Johnny Mack's there is a range of nibbles on the menu, including the 'hot o kaki' pancake stack with a varying selection of trimmings, the south east slaw (water vegetables and rice noodles served in peanut and chilli sauce), and the iconic fried roots (root vegetables boiled then fried and served with rock salt).
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    Sample delicious desserts at vegan restaurants in Victoria

    There are lots of delicious vegan desserts available at vegan restaurants in Victoria. Chefs here serve up a wide range of sweet treats so delicious they rival or even beat dairy based desserts. Favourites on the menus include creamy cheesecakes, chocolate mousses, red velvet cakes and doughnuts, while fruit salads are ideal for those also looking for a healthy option after their meal. Whatever sweet treat you're looking for, vegan restaurants in Victoria will have an option you'll enjoy.
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    Book ahead at vegan restaurants in Victoria

    This is a region well known for its love of dining out, and with vegan restaurants in Victoria serving up a niche cuisine to an area full of foodies, it's a good idea to book ahead. Many of Victoria's vegan restaurantsare quite small, too, so they fill up easily. With Quandoo, you can book tables at vegan restaurants in Victoria online with a minimum of fuss. You can scroll through our well researched lists of eateries, take a look at photos from inside your chosen restaurant then make your decision and book in just a few clicks.