2 Restaurants in Brisbane: Nepalese

Sample traditional soups at Brisbane's Nepalese restaurants

If you're heading out for a meal at Brisbane's Nepalese restaurants but don't fancy eating too much, then why not opt for a delicious traditional Nepalese soup instead? Over at Tibetan Kitchen on Sherwood Road in Toowong, there are plenty of steaming bowls to sample including thukpa (spinach, lemongrass and ginger made either with chicken or vegetables) or daal soup (with lentils, ginger and garlic). Nepalese cuisine is noted for its use of spice, too, so those who like their food with a kick can opt for the Mount Everest soup served hot and spicy with dumplings.

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Tibetan Kitchen - Spring Hill

Spring Hill
Tibetan Kitchen - Spring Hill

Tibetan Kitchen - Toowong

Tibetan Kitchen - Toowong
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    Try traditional courses at Nepalese restaurants in Brisbane

    Farming is a strong part of life in Nepal's countryside, and as a result different types of meats have always been popular in Nepalese cuisine. Here at Nepalese restaurants in Brisbane, gorgeous and authentic meat dishes such as kukkhura ko tihun (boneless chicken cooked in a traditional Tibetan manner with spices, ginger, garlic and tomatoes) and sherpa chicken (cooked in the pan with mushrooms, spring onions and cream) are menu highlights. For those who enjoy red meat, dishes like chilli beef marinated in sherry or traditional goat curry are excellent choices.
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    Enjoy excellent seafood at Brisbane's Nepalese restaurants

    As a landlocked country Nepal is far away from the seaside, but there's still a lot of authentic Nepalese seafood recipes in the cuisine. And here at Nepalese restaurants in Brisbane, the chefs have access to lots of freshly sourced fish from the waters of the Moreton Bay, so you'll always be able to find a fish delicacy to enjoy. At Tibetan Kitchen in Spring Hill, dishes like jhinge machha ra aduwa (green prawns cooked in a ginger, lime and coconut milk curry) and deep fried barramundi cooked in a traditional coconut flavoured Nepalese sauce are particular menu highlights, so don't miss out.
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    Go for something veggie at Nepalese restaurants in Brisbane

    While Nepalese food may seem at first glance to be dominated by meat, that's definitely not the case. The heavy use of delectable ingredients like fresh vegetables and pungent spices in the cuisine means that there's a lot to suit those who don't eat meat, and the Nepalese restaurants in Brisbane have certainly taken that to heart. The Toowong branch of Tibetan Kitchen serves top veggie dishes, including miseko takari (a mild mixed vegetable curry flavoured with chopped coriander) and aloo chanako takari (potatoes and chickpeas in a ginger and garlic curry sauce, topped with chillies for an extra kick).