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About LaMesa

Filipino cuisine is already a kind of fusion cuisine, a colourful, flavourful global cuisine that embodies the collision between Asian and European (particularly Spanish) cultures. LaMesa understands this heritage implicitly, offering Sydney diners the chance to sample this rich and complex culinary history from their restaurant in the heart of Sydney’s bustling Chinatown. Haymarket locals and CBD workers regularly pack out LaMesa’s homely, welcoming restaurant on Goulburn Street, so be sure to book in advance if you’re after an authentic meal made according to traditional recipes drawn from across the Philippines.

Opening Hours

  • Monday 17:30 - 22:00
  • Tuesday 17:30 - 22:00
  • Wednesday 11:30 - 15:00, 17:30 - 21:00
  • Thursday 11:30 - 15:00, 17:30 - 21:00
  • Friday 11:30 - 15:00, 17:30 - 22:00
  • Saturday 11:30 - 15:00, 17:30 - 22:00
  • Sunday 11:30 - 15:00, 17:30 - 21:00
LaMesa, Goulburn Street 19 , 2000 Sydney

Further Information

Family-owned and operated, LaMesa moved to its current Haymarket location along Goulburn Street in 2012, after spending ten years in Dee Why building up a loyal local following. Now, in the heart of Chinatown and Sydney’s central business district, LaMesa is perfectly positioned to promote Filipino cuisine and culture all the better. Lunch specials draw a big crowd to LaMesa most days of the week and, with sittings for specials only available from noon until 3pm, it’s best to book to secure a spot. Lucky lunchers can then enjoy great value meals consisting of LaMesa’s well-researched indigenous recipes, and the Spanish-Filipino fusions that make the food of the Philippines so unique. The aprtitada chicken, beef calderata, tocino pork, and daing na bangus (marinated and fried milkfish served with a hot chilli vinegar sauce) are all surefire winners and perfect introductions to LaMesa’s broader Filipino offering.

Dinner at LaMesa is served from 5:30pm and the a la carte menu at this Sydney Filipino restaurant is packed with surprises. Try the battered and fried quail eggs as an appetiser, served with sweet chilli sauce, or begin with a round of okoy, deep fried patties of shrimp, sweet potato, carrots, and pumpkin, eaten dipped in a chilli vinegar sauce. The core offering at this standout restaurant in Haymarket (down Goulburn Street in Chinatown, in fact) is divided across chicken, pork, beef and seafood dishes, with a good number of vegetarian options like the traditional pinkabet and ginisang sitaw sa baboy listed separately. So, yes, it is a generally carnivorous affair at LaMesa, with our favourite being the section wryly entitled Not For The Faint Hearted. These are the true Filipino dishes that are unmissable if you’re an adventurous foodie: dinuguan cooks pork neck and pork blood jelly in a vinegary broth, while the sizzling sisig seasons cuts from a pork head with ginger and traditional spices before cooking, and the ginisang ampalaya a popular option in the Philippines (but an acquired taste for novice palates) that sautees bitter melon with minced pork and egg. LaMesa is a great place to get stuck into one of the world’s most interesting culinary domains.


94 Reviews

4.2 /6 Very Good 94 Reviews
Service: friendly
Waiting Time: short
Quality/Price: cheap
Food: delicious
Atmosphere: entertaining
Noise: quiet
17 6
32 5
18 4
14 3
6 2
7 1
1 review so far 6
07.08.2017 22:44

Great food and really reasonably priced. Mixed entree is a great starter, then there is a wide selection of filipino standards like adobo, paella, sinigang, tocino, longanisa etc

1 review so far 6
03.08.2017 23:31

Food is great. Staff is great. Service is excellent. We've been to this restaurant many times before and we definitely recommend LaMesa to our immediate family and friends. Keep up the good work!

1 review so far 6
22.06.2017 11:29

The food is very homely, the staff is hospitable-typical of a filipino trait. They made the place warm because it's winter and the prices are affordable.

1 review so far 6
11.06.2017 11:32

Staff very friendly and helpful with the menu, we appreciated the waiter's advice that 2 portions of their delicious pork was enough for 5 people, we were going to order 1 each. The oxtail soup he recommended was scrumptious. Didn't have to wait long for our dinner and there was no pressure to order more food. All of us would go there again.

1 review so far 4
14.04.2016 10:04

Love the atmosphere and friendly staff but there is wide disparity of quality and value between the dishes i.e. some are great value such as the huge serving of noodles with vegetables, chicken & prawns, versus the disappointing small plate of overcooked meat in oil that was the "bistik". Don't order this. It should have come with vegetables at least. My son was still hungry and we gave him some of our dishes. You need to see the dishes before you know what to order. It was pot luck of yours turned out to be good. Many of the dishes were not freshly made either, just premade and reheated i.e. the crepes and my beef stew (mechado) although it was tasty. It would be better to have fewer items on the menu, and concentrate on serving the best ones and making them fresh. They also need to be served hotter, they got cold very quickly. The seafood dishes looked good but they were the most expensive. It is authentic however. I would go back because Filipino food is hard to find. You just have to know which are the best dishes,

1 review so far 5
31.05.2016 08:43

I took a Philippines national there to see what she would make of it. We were not disappointed...A little hard to find on the first floor, but great location and good sized place for a meal and conversation. However, they may need to look at the acoustics, as when the place filled up, it became a little difficult to talk. Food was excellent and made to traditional Philippines method. Can't wait to go back there for some of there chicken in coconut milk. Not too pricey but I would be looking for a discount for a big group. Mabuhay!

1 review so far 5
18.02.2016 08:03

This was our 2nd visit to this restaurant since stumbling across it on a visit to Sydney in January. We decided to celebrate Valentine's Day here as my fiancé is Filipino and I came to enjoy Crispy Pata (which is their signature dish) in the Philippines. Although the service was a bit slow and the atmosphere is a bit low key the food was great!

1 review so far 6
11.04.2016 18:42

very authentic. good quality filipino food. waiting time on a busy day is not too bad (<20mins). good service. Keep it up folks. There is a paucity of good Filipino restaurants here in Oz. Am from the Gold Coast and I don't think there is at least even one Filipino restaurant here.

1 review so far 3
24.07.2017 09:20

Crispy Pata, Sisig, and Sago't Gulaman were good. Lumpia Shanghai, Dinuguan, and Okoy needs improvement. Rice served in a tin bowl is just not Filipino nor practical as it tips to one side and difficult to scoop out the compact mound of rice in this small tin bowl. A terracotta-like pot lined with banana or pandan leaves with wooden rice serving spoon or a platter would have been better. Lastly, the waitress could have been more pleasant as she never smiled the entire service time. You can't be in the service area if you can't provide a genuine, friendly service.

1 review so far 5
21.06.2017 08:32

Excellent food, though at times you felt a bit invisible to the staff, for example stood at the front desk waiting quite some time before we were noticed and taken to our table, despite staff members walking past without any acknowledgement we were there. Other than that the food was thoroughly enjoyable and would definitely return.

1 review so far 3
24.07.2017 10:24

Food is great. Ambiance is amazing. Service is a bit slow but once the food arrived everyone is happy because food is flavourful. However, the servings are a bit small When the bill arrived, I (the only Filipina in the group) was not happy. I think the price is a bit overrated. Overall, it would have been great if the service is a bit faster, servings are generous considering the price and the ice crasher machine is kept somewhere where it is not heard by all the diners. Would I come back? Hmmmm....

1 review so far 5
13.06.2016 10:41

Service was great and very friendly and helpful even though it was packed Friday night. The sisig and the prawn soup were beautiful. The only thing was there weren't too many vegetarian food if at all we have to request them to take the mince meat out of the vegetables for my vegetarian friend

1 review so far 5
06.07.2017 15:46

We had a late booking on a Sat night but really enjoyed our night. Food was great, crispy pata is my favorite food. Was so good we went back for lunch on Sunday. Place was packed and again the food was delicious. Was just like being at a family meal in the Philippines.

1 review so far 4
01.03.2017 09:33

I have always been going to this place. And always enjoyed the food and the service they do. However, last night ordered food were served approximately 30 minutes late. Despite this, we still enjoyed the food and the hospitality of the staffs. Not to mention their apologies for the food being served late. I'll still comeback though, but hoping food is served sooner next time.

1 review so far 4
28.05.2017 07:25

Happy with the taste of the food but the portion of each dish is quite small for the price they are charging. Waitresses are polite but need to be organised more. We were a party of 12. Food took awhile to arrive and they missed a couple of our dishes until asked multiple times. It was a full house and they looked stressed out.

1 review so far 5
15.11.2016 19:07

the location of the restaurant is easy to find. Easy for tourists to find. The foods are really delicious specially the okoy. Service is good as well, however, the interior of the place could use a little bit of updating. Overall it was a great!

1 review so far 5
15.01.2017 11:44

The food was prompt and the service was friendly and attentive. Only downside was the air conditioner was broke and it just so happened to be a 40+ Degree day in Sydney. So it was a little too warm inside the restaurant to be comfortable

1 review so far 4
24.06.2016 21:16

Service was good, a little slower than expected for the food to come out. Ordered the chicken adobo which was presented well but more sour than sweet (my preference). Also ordered the crispy pork which was delicious. Experience could be enhanced by some complimentary starters or something. Just something to get the taste buds going.

1 review so far 3
05.07.2016 09:09

While the service was OK, the food was not up to the usual standards experienced on earlier visits. The beef is the Bistik was of a poor quality. Some pieces were Ok - some were inedible. The eggplant in the stuffed eggplant was again, inconsistent. Some parts were fine others still seemed to be raw. The Crispy Pata, Adobo chicken and Sans Rival were up to the usual standard though.

1 review so far 3
04.02.2016 08:03

The only thing I would order again is the crispy pork leg and the squid and the stuffed fish. The kare kare didn't have enough peanut butter and the sauce wasn't thick enough and had ingredients which are not authentic. The pinakbet wasn't anything like the original Ilokano pinakbet. The same as the ukoy - it had mainly carrots and not shrimps. The original recipe has no carrots.

1 review so far 3
19.06.2016 00:05

Service was very good and fast but the food is average .... one of the dishes we ordered was kare kare - we were all surprised to find a pumpkin in that food to look like more in it. Ukoy is also spread out very thinly with grated carrots or sweet potato as one of the ingredients (it tasted sweet so we presumed it was sweet potatoes).

1 review so far 6
23.11.2016 14:08

Fantastic meals and great service! That was my fourth or fifth visit, I'd be happy to go back again and again. Authentic Filipino cuisine! My non-Filipino friends loved it as well. Thanks all.

3 reviews so far 5
24.02.2016 21:05

Amazing food with very authentic vibe. Service is a little bit slow though buy nothing than the good food cannot make you forget. Will definitely come back. Chicken in coconut milk and arroz valenciana the stars of the menu.

1 review so far 6
06.03.2017 22:09

I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience at La Mesa. The food was like the biggest, warmest hug. I'm looking forward to my next visit. I'll definitely be trying the diniguan and sisig!

1 review so far 6
17.01.2016 10:20

Excellent food. Brought us back to the Philippines. We even got a complimentary Birthday Leche Flan with candles for my son. And very fast service too, considering the dishes we ordered.

1 review so far 6
09.04.2017 08:30

Great experience food was good and fresh. Really nice home cooked-feeling meals and nice servers as well. Happy it's very accessible in the city. We will definitely come back again!

1 review so far 6
03.05.2016 07:53


1 review so far 2
02.08.2016 08:01

I booked this restaurant for my birthday . I was expecting good experience, but my friends and I was so disappointed by the restaurant foods. When I ask for a bottle of water , there was mould on the bottom inside the bottle. My plate had a dried food stuck on it. When I ask for a softdrinks there's no available softdrinks for all my friends. Glass were not sparkling clean. A few selection of food were not available. What an embarrassing experience.

1 review so far 4
24.04.2016 10:04

Food was great. Service had potential to be improved. I feel that the front end staff needed to be more proactive in their customer service approach. Other than that, I would return to the restaurant because of the good food.

1 review so far 5
30.05.2017 08:33

Great atmosphere plus delicious food! Had a great night here on karaoke night too, it was great seeing everyone involved and enjoying each other's company. The staff are incredibly friendly and welcoming!

1 review so far 6
05.03.2017 10:47

Awesome food,great service. Highly recommended the Sizzling and Kare Kare. I went there with a group of friend,the price is reasonable and serving size just right.

1 review so far 6
04.09.2016 11:24

We went to La Mesa last night for a birthday and it was great. Food was great, fast and friendly service and the atmosphere was good.

1 review so far 5
27.09.2015 07:44

Food was delicious, it was busy as it was saturday, think they just need more floor staff. Overall great place to eat. Portions of the food was good for the price.

1 review so far 4
18.05.2017 08:57

The food we had was pretty good and the service was nice as well. Overall, the whole dinner wasn't bad but it wasn't fantastic either. I'd happily go back though on a night when the food was discounted.

1 review so far 6
17.08.2016 07:31

Great food... quality service... good location within Sydney CBD... value for money!!! We will surely come back whenever we crave for Pinoy delicacies... Highly recommended!!!

1 review so far 6
17.04.2017 10:53

Food was good. Service was great. It was a really good overall experience in a really good location. Couldn't of asked for more. Good job!

1 review so far 6
05.12.2015 00:52

was.smooth. very accommodating. authentic food. would love to be back for more . thank you for a wonderful and delicious experience la mesa! highly recommendable..

1 review so far 6
21.10.2016 11:04

Good quality food, attentive service. Ambiance was great. Took me back to nights in Manila, Makati, Santa Rosa and Boracay. Highly recommended for delicious food.

1 review so far 6
14.08.2016 07:09

Delicious food and prompt service. I recommend it to anyone who goes. The lechon kawali was cooked perfect and the staff were very nice. Sarap!

1 review so far 5
17.02.2016 11:48

Very nice food, service reminded of eating places in Cebu. Overall nice to see many Philipinno families eating there. My fiancee said the pork dish was authentic in flavour.

1 review so far 4
10.05.2016 11:16

The food was fantastic, the service was not as great as I was expecting. Trying to get the attention of the wait staff was difficult. From trying to order to even getting the bill to pay.

1 review so far 4
18.12.2016 07:45

The food is good but the service can be better. We always love ordering the crispy para, bistek, and sisig. The staff looked overwhelmed with the amount of work they had, which slowed the service down.

1 review so far 5
13.07.2016 12:29

good food, excellent customer service, and will recommend to any one craving pinoy food. my daisilog was one of the best i have tasted. delicious ube macapuno cake.

1 review so far 5
23.03.2017 14:24

Great authentic Filipino Food! Try the Crispy Pata and Kare Kare which are their signature dishes. Service was also quick and very friendly. I will definitely be back

1 review so far 5
24.08.2016 13:45

Food was delicious. Place is nice but the kitchen staff kept yelling swear words... i will go again. Price was little dear but i would say worth it

1 review so far 5
29.05.2016 13:02

Delicious food, loved the pork. Friendly service and good that it is byo. Have been before and will go again. The halo halo dessert was a little strange....

1 review so far 5
27.03.2016 09:44

Food was amazing! I would recommend to people Coz FILO food is awesome We will be back again and try to taste every single food in the menu

1 review so far 5
14.09.2015 11:15

had dinner at La Mesa with our friends last night. La Mesa has good food at affordable prices. Good service as sell. We will definitely be coming back.

1 review so far 4
04.02.2016 07:50

The food was good and the staff where very accommodating. Service was great. All in all a great experience. I would recommend this restaurant to friends of mine if ever they are in Sydney.

1 review so far 5
14.06.2016 12:37

Had a wonderful night with my friends here. We love the food.. very tasty and affordable. Booking was easy. Ooops. Yes we love the crispy pata! Yum