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Korean food is packed with spice, sharp flavours and tasty fresh vegetables. At Marubang, you can try the best that Northbridge has to offer, all served up at reasonable prices and with great service to boot. Serving up strictly authentic and traditional dishes, the food at Marubang is created with fresh seasonal produce and meats from local suppliers. Take your whole family along to this William Street restaurant – you’ll find it in Northbridge close to the centre of Perth. Reserve ahead to experience a true Korean meal at this Korean hotspot.

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297 William Street, Northbridge
Perth 6003

Menu Highlights



Gupo Guksu

Warm soup noodle with anchovy and help broth, pickled Daikon, Garlic chives

Bibim Guksu

Hot and spicy sauce noodle with collection of vegetables, boiled egg

Marubang Neng Guksu

Ice slushed cold broth noodles with grated radish, egg, wasabi, dried seaweed

More about Marubang, Northbridge

Experience amazing Korean food in the heart of Perth at Marubang on William Street, just a stone’s throw from the city centre. This popular Korean restaurant provides guests with a comfortable setting where they can relax and unwind, and the friendly service makes diners feel happy and welcome every time they visit, and they’ll certainly do the same for you. The stylish ambience inside Marubang’s Northbridge premises is versatile enough for a romantic evening as well a family dinner – believe us, you’ll find any excuse to make your way to Marubang!

After settling down at your table and taking in all the lovely sights and pleasant aromas inside this Northbridge restaurant’s dining space, it’s time to chow down on some incredible Korean cuisine. Start off with an order of Korean-style savoury pancakes – we like the haemul pa jeun made with spring onions, squids, mussels, prawns and clams –- or dive right into some tasty noodle dishes. If you’re up for something more on the hearty side at Marubang, take an order of ohyang jokbal, braised hoc with soy sauce and soft tofu. There’s plenty more where that came from, so be sure to reserve a table ahead of time and experience real Korean cooking at Marubang, found right in the heart of Perth.

13 Marubang Reviews

13 Reviews
Noise levels:Pleasant
Value for money:Great value
Waiting time:Exceptionally good
Li C.3 months ago · 1 review

High recommended Korean restaurant in the heard of Northbridge. Foods are yummy at reasonable price. They have a nice environment that you can hang out with friends and the staff are friendly too.

Joanne L.6 months ago · 2 reviews

The waitress were friendly and the service was fast. Overall the food was good and value for money! Will come back for a visit again for sure :)

Peh T.8 months ago · 26 reviews

Great service and food was prompt, servings were a good portion. Bring a group to try as many of their special dishes