3 Restaurants in Sydney: Indonesian

Taste some of the most exciting food in the city at Sydney's Indonesian restaurants

Sydney is such a colourful, varied and vibrant city, so if you’re looking for food that can match this character you might want to try out the great Indonesian restaurants Sydney has on offer. One of the features of this cuisine is its sheer variety. Indonesia is a huge country, spanning more than 6,000 islands and with many distinct regions. This is one of the reasons for the diversity of flavours and textures to be found in Indonesian restaurants across Sydney. You can opt to stick with the favourite foods you've come to love or, if you're feeling a little more adventurous, try out some of the lesser known regional dishes. You'll find sweet and sour, spicy or mild and delicious meat, fish, vegetable and noodle dishes ready to delight.

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The Sambal

Sydney CBD
The Sambal

Jimbaran Restaurant

Jimbaran Restaurant

Enjoy Mie

Enjoy Mie
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    You won’t be able to resist these favourites in Sydney's Indonesian restaurants

    Australians have taken to Asian cuisine in a big way and the Indonesian restaurants of Sydney offer some of the most popular dishes around. Nasi goreng, for example, is often considered to be Indonesia's national dish and you'll find it on the menus of most Indonesian restaurants in Sydney. This fried rice classic is often served with a sweet and thick soy sauce called kecap manis and garnished with carrots, acar and cucumber. Nasi gila, or 'crazy rice', is a fun variation with lots of different meats in the rice. The of course there is satay. This staple consists of tasty skewers of meat, marinated in turmeric, grilled and then served with a delicious peanut sauce. Rendang is another classic hailing from Pendang and is a curry dish brimming with tender meat, cooked slowly in a spicy sauce until it is almost falling apart.
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    Explore regional cuisines in the Indonesian restaurants of Sydney

    If you enjoy Middle Eastern or Indian cooking, you might want to look out for Indonesian restaurants in Sydney serving dishes from Sumatra. The spicy curry flavours in dishes such as gulai are heavily influenced by dishes brought to Indonesia by traders from these regions. Dishes from Java tend to be influenced by Chinese cooking, with lots of noodles, spring rolls and meatballs, and when you move towards the east of the country, the food tends to be lighter and more influenced by tastes from the Melanesian and Polynesian regions. You will even find dishes in Sydney's Indonesian restaurants with origins from as far afield as Portugal and Holland. These recipes were brought by merchants from across the globe who flocked to the famous spice islands of Indonesia to trade for nutmeg, cloves and pepper. Together, all of these influences help to create a cuisine that offers delicious dishes for almost any palate and preference.
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    Step out of your comfort zone in Sydney's Indonesian restaurants

    If you are willing to try something new, the menus of Sydney's Indonesian restaurants are sure to reward you. Start off with a soup like bakso or soto. Bakso is a savoury broth with noodles and meatballs favoured by Barack Obama, while soto is a clear, consomme-style soup usually flavoured with chicken stock. Moving onto mains, ayam goreng is a type of Indonesian fried chicken, while rawon is a dark stew with a nutty flavour that also has notes of garlic, ginger, turmeric and chilli. Fish lovers will enjoy pepes ikan, a fiery tuna dish served in banana leaves. There is so much choice you'll just have to keep coming back to discover more. Start the right way though, by booking a table at one of the best Indonesian restaurants in Sydney right here on Quandoo.