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6 Restaurants in Sydney: Vegetarian

Vegan, veggie or veg-curious: Sydney’s vegetarian restaurant overview

Sydney has long been known as the city with endless summers, health-conscious people using the natural landscape for exercise and some of the world’s best restaurants. The dining scene here is huge and is only getting better. Chefs and restaurateurs are keeping a close ear to the ground when it comes to trends, dining preferences and the ever-changing landscape of health-conscious folks keen on delicious food and a healthy lifestyle. So it comes as no surprise that Sydney’s vegetarian restaurant scene is booming. With more and more Sydneysiders opting for meat-free alternatives or going the whole hog (sorry) and becoming vegan, the market for vegetarian restaurants in Sydney and an increase in vegetarian or vegan dishes on offer at omnivorous eateries, has never been better.

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Nourishing Quarter

Nourishing Quarter

Veggie House Vegan and Vegetarian

Canley Vale
Asian Fusion
Veggie House Vegan and Vegetarian

Buddha Bowl Cafe

Buddha Bowl Cafe
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Sprout Wholefood Café

Sprout Wholefood Café

Kim Restaurant

Potts Point
Kim Restaurant

The Plant Gallery

The Plant Gallery
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    No rabbit food in sight: the new wave of Sydney’s vegetarian restaurants

    For many years, vegetarians dining in Sydney restaurants were limited to one choice of dish. Often – depending on the restaurant – the choice was some kind of risotto, Mediterranean salad or simply a bowl of hot chips. However, the landscape of hospitality is shifting and now chefs and restaurateurs are open, and excited, to be working with more vegetables and plant-based alternatives. Nowadays, vegetarians dining in Sydney won’t simply be lumped with ‘rabbit food’ and instead can indulge in fully-fledged vegetarian degustations, burgers loaded with mock meats and topped with all the usual suspects, rich curries, delicious pizzas, pastas and breakfast and brunch dishes so tasty even those who are carnivorously-inclined will find them irresistible.
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    From smoothie bowls to full-power mushroom burgers

    So we’ve mentioned some items that you’ll find on the menu at the vegetarian restaurants in Sydney, but what if you really want to treat yourself? Whether you’re vegetarian yourself or just having a meat-free day, Sydney’s vegetarian restaurants offer plenty of indulgence. For breakfast, start with a delicious acai bowl topped with fresh strawberries, bananas, goji berries and coconut (Bondi is the king of acai, believe us), or, in true Australian-style, opt for a cooked brunch of poached eggs, garlic mushrooms, avocado, roasted roma tomatoes, scrambled tofu and wilted spinach alongside your morning coffee. For lunch, not much beats a mushroom burger topped with goats cheese, roasted peppers, herbed mayo and salad. Or, speaking of salad, the vegetarian restaurants in Sydney do more than just lettuce leaves on a plate, meaning you’ll find warm puy lentil, cherry tomato and halloumi salads as well as feta, baby kale, beetroot, fatoush, watercress and avocado salads with pink grapefruit and Campari vinaigrette.
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    And where do you find such delicious dishes?

    While Sydney is a mecca for vegetarian restaurants, there are some suburbs and areas in the city that are better than others when it comes to meat-free dining. The standout two would of course be Newtown and Bondi. Newtown, in Sydney’s inner-west, is home to a large number of artists, members of the LGBT+ community and students, with many residents opting to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. It’s therefore now home to arguably the most vegetarian restaurants in Sydney, stretching from Broadway right through to Enmore and Marrickville as well. Venturing east, you’ll also find many vegetarian-based restaurants in the Sydney suburb of Surry Hills, peppered throughout Paddington, through to Woollahra, Bondi Junction, Clovelly and down to the mecca of the healthy lifestyle craze, Bondi. Along this famous stretch of coast, spots serving vegan pies, veggie burgers, buddha bowls, smoothie bowls and everything in between make a haven for those after a delicious, healthy and plant-based meal while taking in one of the most picturesque parts of Australia. While we’ve mentioned a lot about the inner-west and east here, there are also plenty of spots throughout the CBD, North Sydney, Manly and right up to the northern beaches, specialising in dishes without the use of meat or animal products. Essentially, Sydney is your oyster for vegetarian restaurants!
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    What’s tofu got to do, got to do with it?

    Whether you’re a meat-loving foodie who’s after a plant-based meal, vegetarian still enjoying cheese and eggs, or vegan with a passion for animal welfare, there is going to be the perfect vegetarian restaurant in Sydney for you. So if you’ve got tofu, tempeh or chickpeas on your mind, Quandoo is here to help sort out the fava beans from the black beans. We’ll do the hard yards and come up with a selection of the best vegetarian restaurants Sydney has to offer, so all you have to do is get that appetite ready. It’ll be lentil as anything!