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Nepalese food might not be as well known as Indian in Perth, but if you head out to Everest Nepalese Restaurant & Cafe in Como, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you discover. The cuisine that comes from the so-called roof of the world is influenced heavily by their two near neighbours, the Indians and the Chinese, but remains separate and unique. If anything, Everest combine the best of both worlds, with dishes such as the momo, a dumpling of minced chicken and vegetables that evokes both dim sum and samosas, as well as tandoori lamb chops, classic curries and their house special, Everest Hot Beef, cooked in fiery spices and tossed in lemon juice. Book a table at Everest Nepalese and set a course for Downey Drive in Como, just a short distance from the Canning Bridge, for an Himalayan feast to remember.

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Everest Nepalese Restaurant & Cafe
4/2 Downey Drive, Como
Perth 6152

Menu Highlights




Traditional dumplings of minced chicken or vegetables, with ginger, garlic, coriander, onion and Nepalese spices, steamed and served with tasty homemade sauce


Boiled potatoes, coriander and green peas, tossed with Nepalese spices and stuffed in pastry then deep fried, served with tamarind sauce

Lamb Chhoila

Spiced lamb marinated in Nepalese spices, grilled and seasoned with Nepalese dressing

6 Everest Nepalese Restaurant & Cafe Reviews

6 Reviews
Noise levels:Very pleasant
Waiting time:Good
Value for money:Good value
Fiona S.9 months ago · 2 reviews

Great restaurant delicious food and very friendly and efficient service. This place has a really good atmosphere and tables are well spaced out which I like plus BYO with reasonable corkage. Will be back.

Sharon B.16 days ago · 1 review

We booked 10 minutes before, but when we got there the doors were locked. It was our first time at a Nepalese restaurant. The food was very nice, although the wet curry portions seemed small. The service was lacking, they were short of staff, of which we only saw one.

Geoff L.3 months ago · 1 review

Food was very good. Time to serve the first course (momos) was lengthy - perhaps the kitchen was busy with take-away orders. Not a big deal, but the waiter could have warned us. We will return.