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Mexican by Mexicans. Too long has Sydney suffered under the yoke of faux-Mex outfits offering dreary versions of the true burrito and it’s many brothers. Fully acknowledging the breadth and depth of Mexican cuisine – its indigenous and old-world sources – Mexican Burrito Cantina, down Crown Street in Surry Hills, is serious about its food. But to be seriously into food and Mexican is also a pact never to sacrifice fun, and this cantina never forgets to celebrate. Naturally, you’re invited.

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Mexican Burrito Cantina
612 Crown Street, Surry Hills
Sydney NSW 2010

Menu Highlights



Guacamole to Share

served with homemade hand cut tortilla chips daily made, salsa, lime and sour cream

Queso Fundido

blended mix cheese with Pico de Gallo melted in the oven served with soft corn tortillas

4 Tapas for 1 Person

ground beef, beans, chilli con carne, mixed veggies, spinach or ranchero



12" tortilla (flour or wheat) stuffed with pico de gallo, cheese, sour cream, beans and Mexican rice


12” tortilla stuffed with pico de gallo, blended cheese and sour cream, a.k.a. the “Mexican Pizza"


Soft corn tortilla filled with shredded chicken breast, green tomatillo sauce and mix blended cheese


Grilled Steak, Chiken & Chorizo served with a special recipe of green & red capsicum and onion


Tortilla chips topped with melted cheese, refried beans, sour cream, pico de gallo and jalapeños





Mexican custard dessert served with cajeta (caramel) sauce

Pay de Limón

Made with crust pastry, lemon custard filling and fluffy merengue topping


Tecate Botella


Carta Blanca


Modela Especial


Negra Modelo







More about Mexican Burrito Cantina, Surry Hills

From the purity of southeastern Mexican sazon cuisine, to the many regional variations of the essential mole (e.g. guacamole, you dig?), to the many more specific Mexican dishes that fuse European and pre-Hispanic techniques and ingredients – chiles en nogada, adobos, cochinita pibil – Mexican Burrito Cantina knows it’s authentic comida. This Surry Hills Mexican restaurant, down Crown Street. is owned and operated by expat Mexicans, who are only to happy to represent their national and regional cuisines to Sydney diners, those who think they know what Mexican food entails.

Grab a bowl of guac to share, or some Mexican-style tapas. These latter, for solo or for two (you know tapas are meant to be shared), offer up ground beef, beans, chilli con carne, mixed veggies or ranchero-style chicken. Then there’s cochinita pibil (a slow-roasted pork dish), ranchero-style shrimp, grilled chicken or grilled steak. And that’s just for starters at Surry Hills’ most Mexican of Mexican cantina. Next, choose your style: burritos, corn tacos either soft or shell, nachos, quesadillas, enchiladas,ensaladas and fajitas. Either way you know that these Sydney Mexican maestros are going to dish up delicacies just like they’re made at home. A weekends-only special to look out for down Crown Street is Mexican Burrito Cantina’s barbacoa de borrego – slowly barbecued spiced lamb, served up in a bowl with fresh coriander, limes, an especially creamy guacamole, pico de gallo and tortillas.

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Shelley P.2 months ago · 1 review

Our favorite restaurant in Sydney! Lovely service and the best Mexican food we have found in Australia (we are from Texas so are so happy to have found a truely authentic Mexican restaurant here). Highly recommend!

Ellie B.3 months ago · 1 review

Great food - very tasty, great service. Not sure why I have to write a minimum of 25 words. You’re putting me off writing a review.

Tricia D.5 months ago · 1 review

The food was delicious (my partner, originally from the US, said they hadn't had Mexican as good as this in the 20+ years they've been in Australia) and the service fast and friendly.

Omar R.9 months ago · 1 review

Wonderful place, the food is delicious and authentic Mexican food, the portions are very big, it can be a little pricey, but it's worth it

Karen B.2 years ago · 1 review

Excellent, friendly service, the food servings were large and delicious and catering for the vegan in our group was not a problem. In fact vegan cheese and sour cream was an option which is most unusual and appreciated. We thoroughly enjoyed our meal. It's nearly unheard of in our family of five that everyone walks out of a restaurant happy as we have such varied tastes. We walked out of here full and satisfied. Would definitely recommend and go back.

Mary K.3 years ago · 1 review

Everything was great, service was fast, food amazing best burrito I ve ever had and staff very friendly, will come back again. AAA+++. I highly recommend

Troy D.2 years ago · 1 review

easy to find, fast friendly service, delicious food would definitely recommend to anyone to go to this restaurant flavours of the food so authentic flavours from Mexico you will love it

Timothy I.2 years ago · 1 review

Great food and great service. Burrito freash and delicious and the hand cut tortilla chips with guacamole was the best that I have ever had.

Lauren S.2 years ago · 1 review

I would recommend for casual,relaxed dining. It was good quality Mexican food (Fajitas was the pick of the dishes), friendly service and very reasonable prices.

Andrew I.5 months ago · 1 review

Very salty, overuse of low grade processed cheese, overpriced for low quality. Nice people but disappointing experience. Much better quality and value Lebanese and Indian nearby