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Head up Beaufort Street from the CBD until you’re a couple of blocks south from Mount Lawley’s Astor Theatre and you’re almost at The Home of Aburi Sushi, in fact one of two such shrines to Japanese cuisine in the Perth and Fremantle area. This branch of the The Modern Eatery specialises, like its sibling, in flame-seared nigiri sushi, but in reality boasts a menu that goes far beyond the confines of hand-pressed rice loaded with premium toppings. There are set menus like the ‘Zen’ – Miyazaki chicken with a simple green salad and miso soup – and hearty hot dishes that Japanese food fans the city wide will savour. And for novices the menu comes with a glossary of Japanese food terms!

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The Modern Eatery - Mount Lawley
595 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley
Perth 6050

Menu Highlights



Miyazaki Chicken


Green Salad


Miso Soup



Tofu and Seaweed Salad

Salad mix, lettuce, onion, capsicum w/ house dressing and tofu & seaweed on top

Crunchy Salad

Salad mix, lettuce, onion, capsicum w/ sesame dressing and sweet potato fries on top



Aburi West Australian bigeye tuna w/ onion sauce

Aburi Sashimi Combo

3pc aburi salmon w/ miso sauce, 3pc aburi tuna w/ onion sauce, 3pc aburi hamachi w/ avocado sauce

Sweet Potato Tempura Roll

Deep fried sweet potato w/ mayo

Baby Dragon Craft Roll

Unagi, cucumber and avocado on top w/ unagi sauce

More about The Modern Eatery - Mount Lawley, Mount Lawley

Irrashaimase – ‘Irra-shai-ma-se’ – Japanese for ‘welcome’.

If you’ve booked a table to sample The Modern Eatery’s impressive range of fresh sushi with a few other tidbits, especially if you’re with a larger group, we recommend you order at least one of the Sumo platters. The first cleaves closer to Japanese tradition, featuring thirty-one assorted pieces of sweet potato tempura roll, salmon nigiri, tuna nigiri, hamachi nigiri (for this the kitchen uses only South Australian Hiramasa kingfish), colourful California roll and the signature Kamikaze roll. Even more traditional is the signature aburi nigiri combo, with a good selection of the flame-seared sushi that is this unique Perth restaurant’s trademark.

Kaisou – a type of seaweed used in Japanese cookery.

If you like your sushi inside out, go for The Modern Eatery’s selection of uramaki, made with the premium ingredients that characterise every dish at one of Mount Lawley’s best Japanese restaurants. The spicy tuna roll is made with Western Australian bigeye tuna with cucumber and a spicy sauce, you can get a classic pairing of New Zealand king salmon and avocado with mayo, a veggie roll with avo, cucumber,lettuce and capsicum with a sweet chilli mayo, and anther moreish vegetarian morsel in the form of the deep-fried sweet potato tempura roll. For a more Australian-Japanese fusion experience, opt for one of the many, colourfully named ‘craft rolls’ – Fry Me To The Moon, The Green Leaf, Ayer’s Rock ‘n’ Roll, the Kamikaze and the Baby Dragon. Whatever you do, don’t forget to book a table at The Modern Eatery’s Beaufort Street restaurant in advance – this place packs out tighter than an oshi sushi.

Uramaki – a type of sushi where the rice is on the outside of the roll.

Check out The Modern Eatery’s Fremantle branch.

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122 Reviews
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Cheyenne T.7 days ago · 1 review

Delicious food and the staff are so welcoming and helpful

Oriano C.24 days ago · 1 review

Fantastic little restaurant, quality food and service , excellent value for money

Linda H.a month ago · 2 reviews

Always great food, service, and friendly staff! Missing the aburi scallop which was my favourite dish of all, but is no longer on the menu, but there were still plenty of other amazing plates to choose from!

Adam B.a month ago · 1 review

Always friendly staff and great food! Had a little girl with us and were really accomodating with high chair and even had a little plastic kiddy plate which was a nice surprise

Merilyn M.a year ago · 1 review

Our visit to the Modern Eatery was a little disappointing. The portions were small and expensive considering what what you would get in other sushi shops. It also did not specify on the menu how many pieces of sushi we would get. We ordered 3 craft rolls: Fry Me To the Moon was $15 but we got 6 small pieces. The Green Leaf was $12 and we got 8 mini pieces. The Love Me Tender was $12 and we got 4 larger pieces of sushi - plus the chicken was quite hard, not very tender at all. The last 2 sushis were served on one kinda small plate. We felt quite ripped off. We also ordered a vegetable tempura, the batter was not very crunchy. The positives about this experience is the friendly service, nice ambience and the complimentary salad given because it was our first visit. I would try the Aburi next time as it was a popular reccomendation.

Amelia Y.2 years ago · 1 review

Lovely people, the friendly waitress approached us with a friendly manner and asked us if this is the first time dining here. Was given a complimentary salad as it was our first time so win! The salad was super good too with the fried sweet potato shavings on top. My salmon aburi sushi was the best and would come back again, also because the kitchen staff are super friendly and greet us with smiles when we left.

Karina P.10 months ago · 1 review

We had the most amazing time at the Modern Eatery a couple of weeks ago! I brought my boyfriend here for his 30th birthday dinner and we couldn't say enough good things about the experience! The food was spectacular, the service was top notch and we have been recommending the Modern Eatery to many people since! Thank you so much for a fabulous time and amazing food! Was great that it is BYO as well!

Sandy T.10 months ago · 1 review

Modern Eatery is excellent in all areas of service and food. It is the warm and friendly staff that makes the experience even more enjoyable. The setting is perfect for a nice date, catch up with old friends - and better yet, it's BYO! I have introduced countless friends to this restaurant, and never have we been disappointed. The Modern Eatery is bloody brilliant.

Wayne S.a year ago · 3 reviews

We've been here several times now, and the food is always excellent. We try to choose a different selection each time and have never been disappointed. They specialise in aburi style, where the raw fish components are seared with a blowtorch, giving them an extra lift. Our friend has also been to their Freo branch and had the same experience as us.

Paige B.7 months ago · 2 reviews

Food was super yum! Not the cheapest bit fresh and cooked to order. Staff very lovely and polite. Menu is is a bit confusing to non Japanese speakers and hard to know how much to order but they seem to know that and explain it well. I wish the toilets were a bit closer.