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1 Restaurant in Melbourne: Cambodian

Discover the best of Cambodian cuisine at restaurants in Melbourne

Cambodian cuisine may not be quite as well known as its Southeast Asian counterparts, but it’s every bit as delicious. Particularly famous for its liberal use of distinctive flavourings such as lemongrass and ginger, Cambodian cuisine is both tasty and refined. Here in Melbourne, the Cambodian restaurants regularly serve authentic dishes to the city's foodies, and their presence reflects the city's status as a cosmopolitan hub for food lovers across the southern hemisphere. The restaurants here offer plenty of opportunities to try something new, so for those feeling adventurous, the Cambodian restaurants in Melbourne are a great place to head.

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Amok Restaurant

Amok Restaurant
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    Enjoy something a little different at Cambodian restaurants in Melbourne

    Cambodian cuisine isn't the most famous in the world and that makes it a great choice for those who fancy getting off the beaten track, if you will. At Cambodian restaurants in Melbourne there are plenty of opportunities to expand your culinary horizons and find something new to try. Why not, for example, opt for eggplant chips served with spicy pineapple for an off the wall starter, or the beef rib served with chilli and caramelised coconut for your main?
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    Mix local and international at Cambodian restaurants in Melbourne

    The chefs at Melbourne's Cambodian restaurants largely rely on traditional recipes passed down through the generations, but that doesn't mean they can't incorporate some local twists as well. At Amok Restaurant on Chapel Street in the suburb of Windsor, for example, ingredients for dishes like the salmon amok are sourced across the water in Tasmania. Meanwhile, popular ingredients in Australian cooking, such as wagyu beef, are on the menu here with Cambodian twists like added banana blossom and spicy nuts.
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    Reserve Cambodian restaurants in Melbourne ahead of time to avoid disappointment

    Melbourne might be one of Australia's most diverse and cosmopolitan cities, but Cambodian cuisine sure is niche. Because of that, there aren't too many Cambodian restaurants around so it's a good idea to book ahead to make sure you get a table. Quandoo can help you out with this. We've done the work for you and found all the best Cambodian restaurants in Melbourne, meaning all you have to do is look down the list and choose the one that suits you best.