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2 Restaurants in Melbourne: Dessert

You'll love the desserts in Melbourne!

As we’re sure you’re aware, Melbourne is the cultural hub of Australia. Victoria’s capital city, Melbourne is a tourist mecca with a wealth of cultural and entertainment offerings, alongside some of the world’s best restaurants. Federation Square is packed with bars, restaurants and cafes alongside the scenic Yarra River, and Southbank, which is home to the National Gallery of Victoria, Arts Centre and impressive performance spaces. Spend the day or weekend visiting key attractions like contemporary art galleries, Melbourne Zoo, the Australian Ballet, taking a city cruise down the Yarra or heading out for a Yarra Valley wine tour. So no matter where you find yourself, or whether you live locally or are just visiting, you’re in for a wonderful and interesting time in this captivating city.

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Middle Eastern$$$$

Lolo & Wren

Brunswick West
Lolo & Wren
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    Decadent desserts in Melbourne

    It’s no secret that Melbourne is the food capital of Australia. From freshly roasted, local coffee, to local wines and innovative dishes pushing gastronomic boundaries. You’ll find every cuisine you can poke a stick at, from Asian fusion to the fresh flavours from Europe and the Mediterranean, and modern Australian as well, including a plethora of rustic cafes, street food eateries and everything in between. The emphasis is heavily on seasonal, local, organic and high-quality ingredients, whether you’re enjoying fresh breakfasts, light lunches, lavish dinners or desserts in Melbourne. The city's ethos is all about the good life – which is great news for sweet-treat lovers, as Melbourne desserts are a serious business!
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    Melbourne's desserts begin from breakfast...

    The city wakes up to caffeine – freshly brewed coffee with aromas that spill out onto every street and laneway. Baristas are god-like here and serve up impeccable espresso in an art-like manner. And the perfect accompaniment to your morning coffee? Dessert for breakfast, of course. While you could opt for a savoury start, with smashed avo on toast or eggs benedict, treating yourself to a dessert breakfast in Melbourne is a seriously good time. You’ll find cafes all over Melbourne whipping up dessert for breakfast, like at Lola & Wren, who do life-changing candy apple pancakes with walnut praline, rhubarb and blueberry compote topped with fresh mint, vanilla mascarpone and pure Canadian maple syrup. Breakfast dessert in Melbourne – we told you...
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    Treat yourself to a morning dessert to break the Melbourne morning

    Whether you've been perusing the Botanic Gardens, wandering along the Yarra River or enjoying the history and fine architecture of St Patrick's Cathedral, you'll surely need a mid-morning break. So we advise, finding a cosy cafe and relaxing with a cup of coffee or tea, and a sweet Melbourne dessert treat. Why not try a delicate Japanese white tea with a vegan brownie made with dates rather than processed sugar? Or choose a slice of courgette cake for a sneaky portion of hidden veg? Although it’s not all healthy. There are cheesecakes, chocolate truffles, salted caramel slices and pretty much anything you could conjure up. Essentially, whatever dessert you’re craving, Melbourne will have it.
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    Melbourne's desserts are serious!

    Broaden your gastronomic experience in the city's patisseries, cafes and dedicated dessert restaurants. How does an Oolong tea macaron or a pistachio meringue monster sound? Or perhaps a bowl of the finest artisan gelato with your choice of over a dozen flavours? You'll even find bars that serve everything from spicy Mexican hot chocolates to the richest Mayan gold cake slice imaginable. And for those who are the more adventurous foodies among us, liquid nitrogen gelato is available at several restaurants. Which of these tasty desserts from Melbourne tickles your fancy then?
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    Pair wine and dessert in Melbourne

    So, we’ve most likely got you sufficiently ravenous for a sweet treat. But we thought we’d let you in on another little Melbourne dessert secret. You can also do wine tastings, that match you dessert. Yes, that’s right… you can meet your friends to sample wine, and learn which desserts go best with which drop. And besides, what’s better than getting together with your friends over a glass of Moscatel or Mourvedre and enjoying a delicious, sweet tasting platter. Melbourne’s dessert bars and restaurants are truly something else, so what are you waiting for? Pay them a visit – with the help of Quandoo – and treat yourself!