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1 Restaurant in Melbourne: Peruvian

Peruvian restaurants in Melbourne

Thanks to its bold flavours, party mood and vibrant sense of colour, Latin American cuisine is becoming ever more popular in Melbourne, and Peruvian restaurants are part of this growing trend. Rightly so, since Peruvian cuisine has a rich, distinctive heritage which dates back centuries. With just a few clicks of a mouse, Quandoo can point you towards dedicated Peruvian restaurants in Melbourne such as Inti Gourmet on the Nepean Highway, as well as many others like Buenos Dias on Nicholson Street and Lulo on Glenferrie Road which feature Andean spices, ingredients and recipes as part of an eclectic Latin American menu.

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Inti Gourmet

Inti Gourmet
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    Melbourne's Peruvian restaurants offer some memorable novelties

    With some exotic dishes on the menu, Melbourne's Peruvian restaurants are well worth checking out if you want to expand your knowledge of South American cuisine. The dish they're perhaps most famous for is red snapper ceviche which is slices of raw fish cured in lemon or lime and seasoned with chillies and onions – the South American equivalent of sushi. Healthy and refreshing, it's great for a light lunch between tanning sessions on the city's sandy beaches. Or for something altogether more meaty but equally classic, you might want to try chargrilled beef hearts or alpaca shoulder.
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    Andean comfort food at Melbourne's Peruvian restaurants

    A particular signature of most Peruvian restaurants in Melbourne is their range of authentic slow-cooked stews. Just to mention a couple you might encounter in venues like Inti Gourmet, there's carapulcra (made from pork, dried potatoes, peanuts, peppers and cloves) and seco de carne (a beef stew fragrant with coriander). Served with rice or steamed yucca, these make a heart-warming centrepiece for a leisurely evening meal after a day of taking in the sights of Victoria's capital city.
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    Melbourne's Peruvian restaurants: décor and drinks

    Melbourne's Peruvian restaurants also draw in customers with their general atmosphere, which fits so well with the good-time feel of the city's nightlife. Bright Aztec-style fabrics and rustic woodwork create a laidback, family-friendly vibe, and many venues also offer live music and dancing for an extra taste of Andean culture. Last but not least, you can count on there being plenty of authentic beverages too – most notably pisco sour, a cocktail made with Peruvian pisco which is rapidly gaining in popularity.