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Cuisine: Fish
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4 Restaurants in Perth: Fish

You can't beat Perth for excellent fish restaurants

Set between the banks of the Swan River and the shores of the vast Indian Ocean, the fish restaurants of Perth occupy an enviable position, with a huge variety of seafood available right on their doorstep. Lovers of seafood know that the fresher the fish the better it tastes and the chefs at Perth's many fish restaurants can access some of the freshest produce to be found anywhere in Australia. It's out of the water, into the kitchen and onto your plate in no time, retaining all of its delicate flavour.

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Grab A Yabby - Mt Lawley

Mount Lawley
Grab A Yabby - Mt Lawley

Earth N Ocean

Victoria Park
Earth N Ocean

Gourmet Seafood

Mount Hawthorn
Gourmet Seafood
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Nino's - Mandurah

City Centre
Nino's - Mandurah
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    Look out for these local specialities in Perth's fish restaurants

    Wondering what's good on the menu? Pretty much everything, but keep an eye out for these local treats. Geraldton rock lobster is a delicacy and have a delicious creamy and rich flavour and texture, while Southwest marron, trout and yabby are particularly popular as well. Exmouth prawns and Rottnest scallops are the stars of many a seafood platter, while there's nothing more romantic than Albany oysters, served raw with Tabasco and lemon on a bed of crushed ice. Mandurah crab is a must if you love shellfish and a simple grilled barramundi is a delicious treat you'll find on the menus of many fish restaurants in Perth.
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    Try fish restaurants in Perth for the simplest delights or an indulgent feast

    It doesn't matter whether you're just looking for a simple but tasty lunch or after a special dinner to remember – Perth's fish restaurants will have you covered. Who could say no to a bit of whiting or flathead, cooked to perfection and served with chips, salad and lemon? Or, how about some barbecued prawns, sizzling on skewers and served with a zesty salad? A seared tuna steak served rare is hard to beat but the more adventurous may prefer it prepared as sushi or even tartare. On the other hand, why choose? Look out for a fabulous mixed seafood platter instead and sample a plethora of delicious, fresh fish straight from the ocean.
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    Check out the international fish restaurants in Perth

    The abundance and variety of high quality local produce has attracted some seriously good chefs. They have bought with them cooking techniques and traditions of their homelands, enriching the menus of Perth's fish restaurants with some truly fantastic dishes. Look out for flavoursome fish curries from Goa, Greek-style calamari and most delicate sashimi from Japan. There's so much to enjoy and you can find some of the best fish restaurants right here on Quandoo. What are you waiting for?