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Anema E Core Pizzeria

129 Reviews

About Anema E Core Pizzeria

Dear diners, please be aware that bookings between 5pm and 6pm must vacate their table by 7:30pm. For further information, please contact the restaurant directly.

Whipping up authentic Italian dishes and pizzas galore, Anema E Core Pizzeria has locals buzzing. A meeting point for the city’s biggest pizza lovers, this local Italian restaurant prides itself of their traditional dishes. The friendly staff and the charming furnishings give the restaurant an inviting feel, which has locals coming back again and again. Anema E Core Pizzeria can be found on Constitution Road in Sydney’s Meadowbank, only steps from Meadowbank station.

Opening Times

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Anema E Core Pizzeria
1/3 Wharf Road, Gladesville
Sydney 2111

Menu Highlights



Prosciutto & Buffalo Mozzarella

Prosciutto and buffalo mozzarella

Speck & Burrata

Speck (smoked ham) and burrata

Vegetarian Anema E Core

Burrata and a mix of vegetarian chef's fantasies


Salsiccia E Friarielli

White base, mozzarella, Italian sausages, friarielli, basil, olive oil

4 Gusti

Tomato base, mozzarella, ham, mushroom, artichokes, marinara, basil, olive oil


Tomato base, fresh buffalo mozzarella, fresh tomato, oregano, basil, olive oil



Tiramisu is a classic Italian masterpiece. A rich dessert of mascarpone and biscuit soaked in coffee

Panna Cotta Mix Berry, Caramello & Chefs Fantasy

Made by blending thick cream and milk. The original pannacotta really does feel and taste like "cooked cream"

Desserts Platter

Mix of our desserts
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More about Anema E Core Pizzeria, Gladesville

As one of Sydney’s most trusted Italian restaurants, Anema E Core Pizzeria knows just how to please its clientele. Using the very best seasonal ingredients, plus time-tested cooking techniques, the chefs run a tight ship in the kitchen, ensuring that you feel satisfied and impressed each and every time you visit. The restaurant’s charming decor, with rustic touches like exposed brick, also adds to the appeal. With fantastic service to boot, you’ll never want to leave this pizza restaurant in Sydney’s Meadowbank.

Pizza varieties at Anema E Core Pizzeria on Meadowbank’s Constitution Road include the Piccantina (tomato, mozzarella, hot salami and olive oil), the Crudo e Rucola (a white base topped with mozzarella, prosciutto di parma, rocket, shaved parmesan, basil and olive oil) and the classic vegetarian 4 Formaggi. The restaurant also offers up a number of healthy Italian salads as well as an array of desserts and tasty antipasti like bruschetta and calamari. Anema E Core Pizzeria is famous throughout Sydney, so you can expect a full house – reserve ahead to secure a table!

129 Anema E Core Pizzeria Reviews

129 Reviews
Noise levels:Pleasant
Waiting time:Exceptionally good
Value for money:Good value
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Porsha M.a day ago · 1 review

Great food and excellent service in a lovely new and clean location

Nath P.3 days ago · 1 review

Amazing food, fast friendly service.. the best pizza in Sydney!! New location is much nicer to sit at and I like the wider menu. Will be back many many times !

Peter P.5 days ago · 1 review

Great food, presentation and service. Took a while to check out after a beautiful meal, as there was a backlog of takeaway clients and patrons on their way in.

Daniel M.5 days ago · 1 review

Food was excellent and location very handy. Drinks were very expensive, I would be more likely to visit this restaurant if it was BYO. Overall a very good experience but a little pricey.

Maria S.a month ago · 1 review

The new location is further from where I am (sadly) but their new digs are a bit bigger and more established versus the old setup (plastic tables and chairs under a large tent.) Great decor, same friendly people, same great food. I think the pizza here is the best that I've had -- perfect crust, thin and baked just right, with really tasty toppings made from high quality ingredients. Menu has changed, there appear to be more items, including a pasta and mains dishes. Sadly my fave dessert semifreddo is no longer available, I hope they bring it back. Also now they serve alcohol, previously it was only BYO. Yesterday we had one of their newer pizzas (unfortunately I can't spell it -- it sounds like "Schiaccianoci" but that's coming up with a ballet so I'm not sure that's the name), gnocchi, and the rucola (rocket) salad along with two glasses of wine. Then we had the "Anema e Core" for dessert -- I was surprised at the taste, it's a lot nicer than what I was expecting! Place was REALLY busy -- probably because it's opening weekend. But I suggest booking otherwise you might get disappointed. (You can still takeaway though!)

GLORIA Y.a year ago · 4 reviews

Food was fantastic, really delicious Italian food!! Just a few comments on my first visit - 1. We ordered a metre pizza, but they brought out small circle pan pizzas telling us it was the same thing. Fortunately, 2min later they brought out our metre pizza but we nearly started eating the pizzas. I was disappointed they they didn't even check initially and they just said it was the same thing. They are not the same. 2. We ordered 2 salads but they gave ours to another table. 3. They brought out our 2 chips at the end when we finished all our pizza and salads (they probably forgot because chips don't take long to fry). When they brought it out, they dropped it. So we had to wait again. At the end, we were just eating chips... I'd go back for the food but I hope the service would be better. I hope it was just that 1 night.

corinne S.2 years ago · 1 review

We had a great evening at Anema E Core Pizzeria the food was excellent, our meals came out very quickly, good value for money and the waiting staff were very friendly the service we received was excellent. I would go back there again and recommend this restaurant to all my friends.

GERALDINE M.8 months ago · 1 review

This place is proudly Napoletano, true Italian quality and hospitality. I remember it in its first days of opening. Still consistently enjoyable. The customer buzz will drown out the occasional fast train rushing by as you sit in Alfresco dining under cover, with braziers for Winter, though days will get longer soon. You'll see the pizza chef delivery pork belly strips straight from the oven and enjoy seeing plates of tasty food appear on tables. My only thought that the large anti pasta plate seemed extremely expensive given that the cheeses were all extra cost on top of an already pricey $50 plate of shaved meat, no olives or veggies and four bread sticks ( wow) . Also the deserts for $12 seemed a little too thinly sliced. Dolci ( sweets) are meant to be generous.

Eric C.a year ago · 1 review

A nice suburban pizza place. Dining setting it's a outdoor tent. Nothing fancy. Staff were friendly and service are efficient. Two of us order bruschetta, pizza and pasta. Bruschetta tasted fine, but bread was a little brunt and the temperature variance between the fridge cold tomatoes and warm toast it's a little unrefined. Pizza were great, base a little fluffy and chewy and tasted great with the good topping. The little note is that the base it's a little too salty for my taste. Pasta was a seafood linguine. This tasted like the sea and maybe similar salt concentration as the Black Sea. Would return for a local Neapolitan pizza if in the area. But would just stick with the pizza. A little pricey for an under the tent outdoor experience.

Amrita M.2 years ago · 1 review

One of the authentic Italian pizzerias in Sydney. Located right next to the Meadowbank Station, this place has a warm and cozy feel to it. Their woodfire pizzas come in 13inches , 1/2 metre & 1 metre. We had tried the Margherita and the formaggi and both of them were excellent. The menus come in colourful envelopes adding that fun element to the place. Definitely worth visiting over the weekends.

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