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Bamiyan is a city in central Afghanistan with a reputation for stunning scenery, cultural heritage and spectacular food. The location of the city at the heart of the ancient Silk Road ensured constant interaction and mixing of cultures, and that has lead to a reputation as one of the meeting points of Indian, Persian and Chinese cuisine, resulting in a native Afghan style of cooking that endures to this day. Bamiyan Restaurant brings a taste of this to Sydney, with a menu filled with Afghan classics. Begin your meal on Old Northern Road in Dural with a steam dumpling stuffed with beef and chopped chives, before moving onto the traditional Afghan pallow rice, flavoured with cumin and cardamom and cooked with chicken, carrots, sultanas and nuts. Throw in a few fresh naans and a saffron ice cream to finish and you’re well on the way to a great meal at Bamiyan on Old Northern Road in Dural.

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Bamiyan Restaurant - Dural
Unit 12/829 Old Northern Road, Dural
Sydney 2158

Menu Highlights



Mantu (Beef-Dumplings)

Afghani favourite meal, ground beef, onions, dumplings with same spice and toppings with yogurt sauce, chick pea tomato and ground mince sauce, garnished with ground mint.

Tikka Kabab (Charcoal grille)

Traditional Afghani Tikka with Lamb back strap pieces marinated with onion, garlic and herbs grilled on natural charcoal. Served with salad and chutney.

Chopan Kabab (Charcoal grille)

Marinated lamb loin chops simply charcoal grilled served with salad and chutney

3 Bamiyan Restaurant - Dural Reviews

3 Reviews
Noise levels:Average
Value for money:Good value
Waiting time:Very good
Brian H.7 months ago · 1 review

Amazing cuisine, and polite and friendly service, make for a great dining experience. I’m always impressed by a waitress who can take an order for 8 people without writing anything down and deliver it to perfection.

Neville E.8 months ago · 1 review

Great food. Good service too. On weekends you will have to book because it can get chockers. Meals are good value and the flavours are exceptional.

Gary H.2 years ago · 1 review

Tasty food and plenty of it! Sharing plates provide a great setting for old friends to catch up and chat well into the night. Try it!