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Dos Senoritas - Gladesville


About Dos Senoritas - Crows Nest

With several popular venues around Sydney, the authentic, Guadalajara-style Mexican food of Dos Senoritas is no secret among those in the know. That’s particularly true of their Crows Nest outlet, which is right in the heart of the restaurant and bar throng around Willoughby Road and Falcon Street. Its location alone would make Dos Senoritas busy (advance bookings are strongly advised, by the way), but so too would the delicious spread of properly done Mexican fare, from taquitos to churros, tamales to tequila slammers!

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Dos Senoritas - Crows Nest
19 Falcon Street, Crows Nest
Sydney 2065

Menu Highlights



Fresh Guacamole

Hass avocados mixed with coriander, jalapenos, onions and lime served with tortilla chips.

Rocky Pointe Nachos

Tortilla chips topped with jack and cheddar cheese, spicy cheese sauce, black beans, guacamole, sour cream and pico with steak, chicken, pork or seasoned ground beef.

Shrimp Cocktail

Marinated shrimp in mojo de ajo, lime, pico de gallo, tomato sauce, avocado and jalapeño. Served with corn chips.

More about Dos Senoritas - Crows Nest, Crows Nest

Sydney’s Mexican scene is crowded. There are new-age hipster joints that prioritise decor and marketing. There are old-school hangovers from the days when serving avocado was enough to be exotic. And there are American Tex-Mex places where a sloppy burrito is judged by size rather than taste. Dos Senoritas help you filter through all those to the real deal. This Falcon Street favourite relies on traditional Mexican recipes (and some specialist spices brought in from across the Pacific) and quality Australian ingredients to offer up something unique in Crows Nest.

The two towering giants of Mexican food in Sydney of course make an appearance at Dos Senoritas – though their tacos are more like what you’ll find in Mexico and the range of burritos is much more creative than any other Mexican joint in Crows Nest (the aptly named Supercheeseygooeychimichanga should speak for itself). You’ll also unearth rarer gems here on Falcon Street like a secret-recipe pork crock pot, fresh seafood enchiladas and an awesome house specialty of chicken breast cooked in mole oaxaca (dark chocolate sauce). Dos Senoritas have a great range of Mexican beers and refreshing cocktails, and remember to leave room for churros!

62 Dos Senoritas - Crows Nest Reviews

62 Reviews
Waiting time:Exceptionally good
Noise levels:Average
Value for money:Good value
Mikey G.a month ago · 13 reviews

We loved Dos Senioritas! Shame it had to close down. Great food, tasty drinks, great service. The remaining restaurant at Gladesville still offers great food.

Mikey G.5 months ago · 13 reviews

Always great food, service, sangria. The Mole Oaxaca is awesome.

Victoria G.7 months ago · 1 review

Delicious Mexican food with quick service and friendly staff. Definitely one of the best Mexican restaurants I've tried so far in Sydney. The spicy prawn cocktail dish as well as the tamales were great.