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Hotel Palisade - Henry Deane

Millers Point · Australian · $$$$
306 Reviews

About Hotel Palisade - Henry Deane

If searching for a dining experience around the Rocks or Millers Point that you want to be unforgettable while also remaining casual and sociable, you will be hard pressed to beat Henry Deane at Hotel Palisade on Sydney’s Bettington Street. Open every day for lunch and dinner, Hotel Palisade’s premium restaurant showcases the best of modern Australian cuisine through elegant share platters designed to enhance the sociability of this amazing space.Cocktail bar opening hours

Monday to Saturday: 12pm to 12am
Sunday: 12pm to 10pm

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Hotel Palisade - Henry Deane
35 Bettington Street, Millers Point
Sydney Sydney

Opening Times

Open now - Closes at 10:00 pm
12:00 pm - 10:00 pm
12:00 pm - 12:00 am
12:00 pm - 12:00 am
12:00 pm - 12:00 am
12:00 pm - 12:00 am
12:00 pm - 12:00 am
12:00 pm - 12:00 am

Chef's Choice


À la carte

Spiced cauliflower, almond crunch, smokey sauce


Sashimi of kingfish, cucumber, bok choy, wasabi, bonito dressing


Bowl of mussels, white wine, garlic, chilli, grilled toast



Pannacotta foam, peach, sweet almond


Coconut and vanilla sago, mango, pomegranate, macadamia nut crunch


Chocolate, candied beetroot, raspberry, coconut


Further Information

Hotel Palisade has really made the most of their phenomenal location with Henry Deane. Spread out over two floors at the zenith of their elegant boutique hotel on Bettington Street in Millers Point, Henry Deane is a triumph of modern Australian design with a sensitive eye for this location’s historic charm, celebrating the amazing surroundings. Henry Deane’s huge windows put all of Sydney on display for dinner and lounge guests, from the Harbour Bridge to Darling Harbour and myriad islands and points in between stretching into the distance.

However, though this hotel restaurant on Bettington Street in Millers Point is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque spots in Sydney to enjoy a tipple and a nibble, the food at Henry Deane is certainly not to be outdone by the views. The chefs handpick suitable items from all over the canon of modern Australian cuisine, from lip-smacking seafood (oysters au naturel with merlot vinegar, kingfish sashimi with bok choy and wasabi, for example) to intriguing fusion features (spiced cauliflower with almond crunch and smokey sauce) and exquisite desserts (we dare you to pass up the coconut and vanilla sago with mango, pomegranate and macadamia nuts).

306 Hotel Palisade - Henry Deane Reviews

Janaina S.4 days ago · 1 review

10 out 10. Great venue, food n helpful team members. My partner and I had a great time. Definetely coming back! It's going to be my summer place to be!

Sunita S.4 days ago · 1 review

Extremely friendly staff, very helpful with booking as well as in the night. Attentive and accommodating on the night and the service was just great!

Cristina R.11 days ago · 1 review

Chilled & hip environment, very good service, beautiful view, delicious drinks and the best octopus. I would highly recommend this rooftop bar and what it offers.

Jill R.12 days ago · 1 review

it's all about the views...breathtaking !..great relaxed atmosphere and service ..menu is a bit odd ...need more easily shared plates ...but overall a stunning location especially for any visitors to Sydney .

Alethea S.a year ago · 1 review

Very busy and you could feel the complete stress from staff. No food menu given for lunch just drinks menu so we sat for half an hour before being able to grab someone to ask for the food menu. Felt like time on every seat we sat at was very limited and like we were going to be pushed off by staff who kept reminding us of the next booking. Cocktail tasted like salty water 😣. After lunch for the two of us we went downstairs and asked for a table for 10 as we had other guests arriving. We were told if the other 8 people did not arrive in 15 minutes we would loose the table. Everyone arrived but 2 people who were still on their way. We were then told we would have the two chairs for the remaining guests given to other people as they did not want to turn away business meaning when the two guests arrived there would be no seat for them. Not worth making it so difficult for a large group just to get a few more $ from someone else by taking two chairs away. Just made the whole experience unformtable and stressful. I had a headache after the evening. The guests arrived luckily and we managed to keep the chairs. It just isn't a relaxed experience. We were also constantly asked if we had ordered drinks and yet the lady asking could not take our order only another lady who rarely came over the to table to ask us. It was like the woman asking was ensuring we were spending money and yet the service to order drinks was basically non-existant. This all created a completely stressful atmosphere with staff wanting to pull money from you. Won't go again. View is great but not the customer experience.

Hanah A.a year ago · 1 review

Our booking process through Quandoo was quite smooth and Hotel palisade responded very quickly to any enquiries that I had. When we arrived our table was not ready and we were made to wait for about 15minutes so that the table booked before us would leave. As the tables are all allotted a strict 2 hour booking restriction this was a little frustrating. The cocktails that we had varied in taste, they were very hit and miss. We also ordered a few items of food from the menu such as the cauliflower, cheese platter and the salmon sashimi. The food was nothing special and for the price that we were paying I would have expected a bit extra in terms of taste. However, Henry Deane's magical location, atmosphere and view makes up for all of this. It's quite a special location and feels very vibrant and beautiful as soon as you walk in. The service is also very friendly and nice. The only reservation I would have about this place would be the allotted booking times and the 10% service charge. We were forced to leave our tables about 20minutes earlier than we had originally booked for as we were seated later due to the table before us.

John M.a year ago · 1 review

I took my wife to Henry Deane for a sneaky weekday lunch. Nice ambience and views from the top floor of the Palisades Hotel. They've done a great job of modernising the space and creating a great drinking/dining room. The seating inside is all on lounges and low chairs, with coffee-table height tables. It was actually not easy to hear each other as we ended up being a long way apart and so it didn't make for a particularly intimate lunch. The room's feel is more of a drinks and nibbles place than a restaurant, and it really works if you have that expctation. The food menu is a little limited, obviously keeping costs under control. But everything we ordered was very good. I particularly liked the scallops with roe which were perfectly steamed and dressed. Overall - I'll definitely be back for the great views from rare angles in a part I don't often get to. But probably not for a romantic lunch.

Anna B.a year ago · 1 review

More a place of style over substance. We've been before for drinks, which was lovely. This time, drinks were still great, and food was nice, but dining experience sub-par. Service is snooty "haven't you been here before" (yes, we had, thank you), and table seating not suited to <4-6 people as couches etc encourage intimacy with those you are seated next to , rather than across from (eg if you book for two, one of you might be sharing a 3 seater lounge with two other strangers sitting > 1m away from their partner across a small table). We ended up with a nice table outside but food was missed from our order (so we had oysters after our lamb) and the overall feeling was the staff didn't want to be there. A sensational location with excellent drinks and good food but they need to up the substance (in terms of comfort and service) beyond the style to be a really classy venue.

Margie M.a year ago · 1 review

From the moment we walked in we were treated extremely well, warm and inviting staff regardless of some bad reviews I had read, we could not fault the staff at all. Not only did they present themselves well, they were always smiling and engaging. The male host was amazing, he couldn't do enough for us and sat down with us to discuss our choice of food. Food plates are a tad small, so probably best for 2, but solution is order more. Is more expensive than other venues, however having that view makes up for it. Toilets are communal, not in my favour. Great ladies afternoon out.

imgAda L.9 months ago · 3 reviews

The view, the interior design and the service of this restaurant are perfect as well as the food! Can't believe in this nice restaurant can make such delicious food which normally the others could not. They have stunning view, they have classic table set up, but they lack one the most important thing is they don't have a good and cook food by heart chef. Unfortunately, Henry Deane beats those ones. I was so impressed. I love the salmon with the sauce. I love the mussels cooked with wine. Was so good! One of the bad things is the food is a bit pricy.

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