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Tony Tomatoes

North Adelaide · Italian, Pizzeria · $$$$
420 Reviews

About Tony Tomatoes

North Adelaide wouldn’t be the same without Tony Tomatoes. It’s O’Connell Street address is the go-to for pizza and hearty Italian main courses and moreish small plates, loved for it’s open-plan vibe and, of course, it’s fantastic pizza pies. At times, Tony Tomatoes isn’t afraid to buck the straitjacket of tradition when it comes to what’s on the menu. The pizzas are named irreverently, you can choose from several different bases (including gluten-free, and there’s vegan mozzarella, too), and the lushest four-person-plus banqueting option is called – no nonsense – The Big Feast. Elsewhere, the small and big plates are more traditionally named, but nevertheless packs in a lot of modern culinary creativity. A top informal Italian restaurant in Adelaide!


Tony Tomatoes
155 O'Connell Street, North Adelaide
Adelaide 5006

Opening Times

Open today - Opens at 5:30 pm
5:30 pm - 12:00 am
5:30 pm - 12:00 am
5:30 pm - 12:00 am
11:30 pm - 12:00 am
12:00 pm - 2:30 pm
5:30 pm - 12:00 am
5:30 pm - 12:00 am
5:30 pm - 12:00 am

Chef's Choice


Shared Dishes

Prosciutto Plate

Thinly sliced parma prosciutto served with rocket, shaved parmesan and pizzetta bread

Scotch Fillet Tagliata

Chargrilled cajun style served with fennel salad, roasted cherry tomato and potato stick chips

Pork Rib Taglita

Pan seared then oven baked, served with apricot and mango chutney, mustard and parmesan, and pecorino crisp


Tony 3 Times

Tomato, mozzarella, ham, salame, barossa speck

Eat My Breast

Mozzarella, basil pesto topped with herb poached organic chicken breast, fresh cherry tomatoes, baby spinach, radicchio, balsamic vinaigrette salad

Big Calzone

Filled with mozzarella, ricotta, mushroom quartet, topped with fresh prosciutto, fresh rocket, shaved parmesan

Set Menu

The Sunday Lunch

Pork and veal polpette, asparagus arancini, selection of pizzas, spelt salad and assorted mini gelati cones

A Dinner Gathering

Selection of pizzas, pork ribeye tagliata, spatchcock, scotch fillet tagliata, spelt salad & semifreddo and choc fondant.

A Big Feast (Minimum 4 People)

Pork & veal polpette, asparagus arancini, selection of pizzas, pork ribeye tagliata, spatchcock, scotch fillet tagliata, spelt salad, & semifreddo and choc fondant.

More about Tony Tomatoes, North Adelaide

Let’s take a look at the eclectic menu at a restaurant that should be on any Adelaide foodie’s list of must-haves, whether or not Italian dining is your ‘thing’. Starting with the pizza – the main draw for North Adelaide locals – it’s easy to see that Mr. Tomatoes, Tony to his friends, has a good sense of humour. There’s the cheeky Eat My Breast (herb-poached chicken breast with tomato, spinach, radicchio, mozzarella and basil pesto), the Fun Guy (a quartet of mushrooms with asiago cheese and a pear and walnut salad), the Flying Anchovy (self-explanatory), and the Jenny Craig Special – as the house four-cheese pizza (mozzarella, asiago, gorgonzola and stracchino) it’s anything but! You’re going to need a base for these toppings, and at Tony Tomatoes you can ask for the 72-hour classic, the wholemeal superleggera made from rye, oats and wheatgerm, or opt for the gluten-free variety.

Over on the other side you’ll find Tony Tomatoes’ nicely curated selection of main courses, many of which can be ordered small or big for variable appetites or for sharing. There are plates of Parma prosciutto or house-made porchetta served with pizzetta bread, pork and veal polpette, Italian-style ‘fish and chips’ (i.e. lightly battered and fried squid and zucchini), vegetarian radicchio or asparagus arancini, cannelloni, a handsome pork ribeye or scotch fillet tagliata, a marinated and oven-baked spatchcock, or a lovely riso nero with mixed seafood and chorizo. To really test the waters at Tony Tomatoes, reserve a big section of this top-notch but relaxed North Adelaide restaurant for a banquet (minimum four people) and head down to O’Connell Street for either The Sunday Lunch, A Dinner Gathering, or A Big Feat – this last features many of the dishes we’ve just mentioned, a selection of pizzas, spelt salad, and a fantastic finish courtesy of Mrs Tiramisu and Sir Chocolate Fondant!

420 Tony Tomatoes Reviews

ARENA D.2 days ago · 1 review

their food is delicious, especially the beef and pizza. the median cooked beef is a little bit spicy but very tasty. overall, the their provide wonderful food and good service.

John L.6 days ago · 2 reviews

Milli was a wonderful host throughout. The banquet was beautifully presented and abundant in quantity. Fresh ingredients throughout, delivering a delicious meal for our group. We'll be back!

Tahlor T.7 days ago · 1 review

The pizzas were very good! The knives were blunt which made it hard to cut the pizza, however it was sill yum! Definitely will be back

Izabella G.9 days ago · 2 reviews

The place has excellent service. Friendly staff will always greet you with a smile. There is a big choice of great food and drinks there. Highly recommended.

imgMichelle D.8 months ago · 3 reviews

We came in as a group of eight for Mothers Day dinner. We had a great table by the window with plenty of room for all of us including the little ones high chair. Our waitress was very helpful, particularly with the wine selection. As usual the food was delicious and enjoyed by all. Thanks again Tony Tomatoes! We are hooked on the best pizzas in town.

Vivien G.2 months ago · 1 review

Love the place, fab simple but delicious food, great staff - Love the housemade porchetta, arancini balls, pizza everything!! Its so convenient for us as we just live close-by. I also love the fact that this place has a wide range of clientele, it is loved by all ages, obviously. The last evening we went to Tony Tomato was quite a chilly evening and when we left I noticed there was an elderly couple being seated outside close to the bocce/petanque sand pit and there was a small throw rug draped on the back of one of their chairs, I wonder whether it was provided by the restaurant, if it was - a nice touch !!

Dean P.a year ago · 1 review

Tony Tomatoes has great pizzas, also the other dishes that were tried were sensational and the staff and service there is a good as you will get, any one who wants a pizza should go to Tony Tomatoes

Matthew D.4 days ago · 1 review

Friendly and frequent enough service with great food and drinks! Lots of specials written on the wall or glass outdoors so be sure to check them out, too. Would recommend Tony Tomatoes if you've a big group. The restaurant looked full, but staff still remained composed, friendly and on top of orders. Didn't have to wait too long for food to arrive. Price is about right.

elizabeth D.7 months ago · 1 review

It is guaranteed ALWAYS consistantly the best service, always smiling and friendly staff and the food is the best in Adelaide! The next closest thing to going to Italy to have a pizza or pasta. It is like coming "home" when I go there as I am always made to feel valued and welcomed, I just love the atmosphere. Thank you too all the kind staff there and I have been there many times now and I HAVE NEVER ever been disappointed. Thank you again to all the lovely staff that make it a great place to relax and to eat great food!! My favourite is the Proscuitto Pizza!

imgLina S.6 months ago · 1 review

The best pizza I have had in a very very long time. I love how they put olives on the table as a starter I could eat a whole jar of them. All six of us enjoyed our meals and definitely will make Tony Tomatoes a regular meal stop. Staff were very friendly

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