4 Restaurants in Adelaide: African

Sample speciality dishes at African restaurants in Adelaide

Africa is the world’s second largest continent by area, and is home to around 16% of the world’s population. With several diverse countries making up this vast landmass, it’s no surprise there are so many different cuisines to choose from in Adelaide’s African restaurants. If you’d like a taste of East African cooking, head down to Tana Ethiopian Cafe and Restaurant on Grange Road in Allenby Gardens to experience traditional African cooking, influenced by Arabic and Middle Eastern elements. Keep an eye out for dishes like kay siga wot (beef cooked in onion, chilli berbere sauce, garlic, ginger and spices) and kitfo (lean meat made with mitmita hot chilli powder and spices, served raw or rare), that will really get your tastebuds talking.

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Inside Morocco

Inside Morocco

Le Riad

Le Riad

Abyssinian Restaurant

Abyssinian Restaurant
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Tana Ethiopian Cafe & Restaurant

Allenby Gardens
Tana Ethiopian Cafe & Restaurant
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     Desserts in Adelaide: Two sweets a day keep the doctor away

    Adelaide is a sweet city, in more ways than one! The stylish coastal capital of South Australia with over 1.3 million people is packed with amazing restaurants, cafes, bistros and bars. Desserts in Adelaide are a piece of cake to find, and no matter your diet or preference, you’ll discover that there are plenty of options, whether you go for gluten-free goodies or dairy-free vegan cakes. Find some cool dairy-free delights near the University of Adelaide, get waffles with ice cream in Malvern or make your way to Henley Beach for a hot fudge sundae – whatever strikes your fancy, you can locate the perfect dessert spot in Adelaide with relative ease. If you’d prefer to drink your sugar, that’s no problem either. Adelaide is home to some amazing boba tea shops where you can opt for a matcha milk tea with bubbles or a strawberry slush with jelly cubes. Slurp down a milkshake at one of the city’s American diners, and don’t forget to try some New York cheesecake while you’re at it. For folks with a sweet tooth, this is the perfect city. Check out Quandoo the next time you want some seriously decadent desserts in Adelaide.
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    Gluten-free desserts in Adelaide are easy to come by

    Nowadays, being coeliac isn’t as difficult as it used to be, with gluten-free products making their way into even the most average of supermarkets. No longer do you have to trek all the way across town to find a health food co-op, or order gluten-free goods from specialty shops on the web. For gluten-free desserts in Adelaide, you can either opt for a certified gluten-free cafe, or you can go to any plain-jane coffee shop and chances are, they’ll have at least one wheat-free baked good on the menu.
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    Discover African restaurants in Adelaide

    African cuisine is widely known for its rich and flavoursome dishes, and meat fans will certainly find something they’ll enjoy at African restaurants in Adelaide. Down at the Abyssinian Restaurant on Henley Beach Road in the inner-city suburb of Torrensville, you’ll find a range of gorgeous dishes to try including the tibs chicken (sautéed black pepper chicken served with five different spices) with an optional dash of chilli). And if you prefer seafood, opt for the tibs marinara (different types of fish in seasoned butter), once again cooked in a wide array of spices.
  4. 4.

    Go veggie at African restaurants in Adelaide

    While African cuisine can often seem at first glance to be meat heavy, you’ll also discover plenty of vegetarian dishes as well. Incorporating the use of vegetables and beans, with loads of fresh herbs and spices, vegetarians are in for a treat. At Abyssinian Restaurant, sample the gomen (green vegetables, onions, fresh tomatoes and garlic) or, for a more spicy twist, try the fossella made with beans and carrots and spiced with Ethiopian spices that will have you coming back time and time again.
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    Find vegan desserts in Adelaide easier than ever before

    As with gluten-free desserts, the possibility of finding vegan desserts in Adelaide is easier than ever before. After all, vegan sweets are sometimes even better than their dairy-and-egg containing counterparts, and some treats – like Oreos for example – are already vegan to begin with. Adelaide features a large vegan community, and in addition to fully vegan restaurants, you’ll also find vegan ice cream shops, coffee houses, and more where you can indulge in vegan brownies, waffles, and banana bread. There’s no need to go to a certified vegan cafe, though, as you’ll likely find a vegan option or two at independently-owned coffee shops around the area. It’s easy these days with a broad range of excellent vegan substitutes on the market including coconut milk ice cream, ‘milks’ made from almonds, cashews, soy or oats, honey substitutes like agave nectar, and many more. Vegan desserts can be found in all corners of the city; all it takes is a little bit of research.
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    Find the best desserts in Adelaide with Quandoo

    There are loads of great places for dessert in Adelaide, and with Quandoo you can find the very finest, regardless of your budget, dietary restrictions or food allergy. At Quandoo, we’ve already separated the wheat from the chaff, so all you have to do is login, search for Adelaide dessert spots that strike your fancy, and book ahead in case the restaurant is busy. It’s easy, free and simple to use. With just a few clicks of a mouse or taps of a finger, you can locate the tastiest desserts in Adelaide with Quandoo as easy as 1-2-3.
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    Book ahead at African restaurants in Adelaide

    African restaurants in Adelaide are serving up tasty food in a big city with a strong foodie culture, so it’s no surprise that tables can get booked up quite quickly. It’s a good idea to reserve a table in advance to make sure you aren’t disappointed, especially on Friday and Saturday evenings. With Quandoo, you can scroll through diner reviews and photos of Adelaide’s best African restaurants before making your selection and booking online in seconds.