1 Restaurant in Adelaide: Argentinian

You're going to love Adelaide's Argentinian restaurants

Adelaide has lots to offer foodies. It has one of the world's best food markets in Adelaide Central Market, exciting 'eat' streets like Gouger Street and adventurous restaurants specialising in cuisines from across the globe. Adelaide's Argentinian restaurants are adding to this foodscape with some wonderful dishes that has local foodies buzzing. Big and bold, the flavours of Argentinian restaurants in Adelaide are created using excellent local ingredients with a distinctly Latin twist. From the most succulent meats and freshest seafood to exotic spices and zesty salsas, this is food that once tried will keep you coming time and time again.

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    Fancy a steak? Argentinian restaurants in Adelaide have some of the best

    One of the things that attracts so many diners to Adelaide's Argentinian restaurants – and the reason the cuisine is so famous around the world – is the quality steak on offer. Part of the secret is the asado, also known as a parrillada, which is a simple grill used to cook all sorts of meats to absolute perfection. In the hands of expert asado chefs, steaks are cooked just the way you like them, from juicy and rare to well-done. The asado is also used for roasting pork, lamb, ribs and sausages, delivering a feast that just can't be beaten anywhere. This is also your chance to sample chimichurri, a condiment you can expect to find in pretty much every one of Adelaide's Argentinian restaurants. This is a tangy green salsa made with parsley, chilli flakes, onion, garlic, oregano and lemon and it's often used to marinate meat or is simply served on the side.
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    Try these traditional dishes in Adelaide's Argentinian restaurants

    While you really need to try the succulent steaks from the asado at least once, Argentinian restaurants in Adelaide have more than one way of cooking delicious meat dishes. One favourite is the matambre arrollado. This is a much thinner cut and it is typically rolled around a filling of vegetables, eggs and herbs. Although this sounds like a filling dish, it actually translates as 'rolled up hunger killer' and is often served as a starter! Another must-try dish is the empanada. These little pastries are filled with sweet or savoury fillings and then deep-fried until crisp, golden and absolutely delicious. Carbonada is a wonderfully warming stew that you'll find on the menus of many Argentinian restaurants in Adelaide. This brothy stew is made with both sweet and white potatoes, meat (naturally), corn, carrots, peppers and bacon. It’s then given a fruity twist with the addition of dried apricots, peaches or pears.
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    Argentinian restaurants in Adelaide also satisfy that sweet tooth

    The number of superb meat dishes on the menus of Adelaide's Argentinian restaurants will give you some idea of just how much the Argentinians love their steak but don't worry if you have a sweet tooth – they do too. Dulce de leche, which translates as 'candy of milk', is a thick, sticky delight made by reducing condensed milk and is served with everything from sweet empanadas to ice cream. Alfajores are another favourite to be found on the dessert menus of many Argentinian restaurants in Adelaide. These crumbly biscuits are a little like shortbread and they're usually used to sandwich jam, mousse or dulce de leche. From stunning starters to great grills and delicious desserts, Argentinian food ticks all the boxes, so book a table now on Quandoo and treat yourself to some of the tastiest dishes in the city.