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Cuisine: Middle Eastern
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4 Restaurants in Adelaide: Middle Eastern

Adelaide and its Middle Eastern restaurants

With an influx of thriving Afghan and Iranian communities into its western suburbs, it's no surprise that in recent years Adelaide has added some Middle Eastern restaurants of outstanding quality to its already impressive culinary scene. It’s just another facet to a city that already has a lot to offer with its art galleries, live entertainment and roster of high-profile annual festivals. To book yourself a delicious meal steeped in Arabian spices, browse Quandoo's list of Middle Eastern restaurants in Adelaide.

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Inside Morocco

Inside Morocco

Zayt & Zaatar

Zayt & Zaatar


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    Lebanese-style Middle Eastern restaurants in Adelaide

    Lebanese is one of the most popular forms of Middle Eastern cooking you'll find in Adelaide's restaurants. Just to mention one typical example, Houda's Kitchen on Port Road in Hindmarsh opts for tried and tested favourites served in a relaxed, friendly ambience. As a starter, try their range of regional cheeses like the soft, mild jibneh or the hard, salty hellim, before moving onto their extensive menu of barbecues and salads. Many Lebanese restaurants also run to pizzas with Middle Eastern-style toppings fragrant with lemon and mint, and you can expect live music and belly dancing too.
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    Middle Eastern restaurants in Adelaide serving Afghan cuisine

    Hearty and filling, Afghan dishes also feature strongly in several of Adelaide's Middle Eastern restaurants. Places like Rumi Palace in Norwood stock their menus with mains such as aushak (lamb mince served with fried dumplings) and borani banjan (fried aubergine smothered in a spicy tomato sauce and baked in the oven). Alternatively, a wide selection of samosas, dips and chutneys make for a lighter option. As if the food weren't enough, the décor is another important part of the appeal, with tiles, fretted screens and embroidered cushions all adding to the exotic ambience.
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    Adelaide's Persian-style Middle Eastern restaurants

    With their bold flavour combinations and evocative spices, Persian recipes also go down well with lovers of Middle Eastern cuisine. Restaurants in Adelaide like Lezizz on Osmond Road, Parkside, draw on centuries-old traditions to offer a choice selection of starters, mains and desserts. Kotlet (spicy breaded cutlets) and jujeh kabab (grilled chicken and tomato on rice) are just two of the possible meat options, while vegetarians might be tempted by the bademjan (mushroom and walnut stew). Between courses, refresh your taste buds with a drinks menu of fruit juices and yoghurt-based beverages.