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Cuisine: Moroccan
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2 Restaurants in Adelaide: Moroccan

Enjoy unusual and tasty dishes at Moroccan restaurants in Adelaide

Known as both the City of Churches and the 20 Minutes City, Adelaide is a commercial and creative hub for Australia. It also boasts a wide selection of great restaurants, including Adelaide Moroccan restaurants that offer the very best of this vibrant and varied style of cuisine. Diners can enjoy everything from pastilla filled with pigeon and almonds and spiced with saffron, to tanjia, stuffed with your choice of beef, lamb or chicken and slow roasted over coals.

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Inside Morocco

Inside Morocco

Le Riad

Le Riad
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    Moroccan restaurants in Adelaide offer both ambience and gastronomic delights

    Thanks in large part to its central location between Africa, Europe and the Middle East, Moroccan cuisine is an exciting blend of Arabic, Jewish, Berber, sub-Saharan and even Roman influences. Moroccan restaurants in Adelaide offer a window into this vibrant and varied culinary history while also providing a comforting and relaxing environment and ambience. Diners can sip a little traditional mint tea as they wait for their entrees, and then finish things off with sweet and tasty patisseries.