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Cuisine: Persian/Iranian
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1 Restaurant in Adelaide: Persian/Iranian

Have a gorgeous meal at Persian restaurants in Adelaide

As the capital of South Australia and the commercial epicentre for the region, there's lots going on in Adelaide. From the annual Adelaide Arts Festival to the many parklands and green spaces dotted around the city, tourists and locals alike find themselves spoilt for choice on things to see and do in the area. Not only that, there's a strong restaurant scene in Adelaide: despite only being Australia's fifth largest city, it is diverse and thriving. Nowhere is this clearer than at the Persian restaurants in Adelaide, which make excellent spots to sample tasty meat dishes like speciality spicy lamb or chicken with fried eggplant and rice. Regardless of your tastes and preferences, there’s sure to be something for you here.

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    Sample amazing meat dishes at Persian restaurants in Adelaide

    Lots of traditional Iranian meals are based around the time-honoured combination of meat, rice and vegetables, which only means good news for carnivores at the Persian restaurants in Adelaide. With dishes like barg (a back strap of lamb served with saffron rice) and joojeh (chicken served with saffron rice) on the menu at places like Lezizz on Glen Osmond Road, you won’t be missing out on your meat fix.
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    Enjoy excellent vegetarian meals at Persian restaurants in Adelaide

    In the eyes of many diners, Persian cuisine might be associated with meat delicacies like lamb and chicken, but its culinary culture is also known for the liberal use of spices and vegetables, which explains the plethora of vegetarian dishes on offer at Adelaide's Persian restaurants too. Down at Lezizz, the lubia polo (a rice plate with green beans, seasoned tomato sauce and saffron) and rademjan (sauteed eggplant with yellow split peas in tomato sauce) are particular favourites, while fesenjan (mushrooms in a tangy pomegranate sauce with walnuts) is ideal for those who like to have a nutty flavour to their meals.
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    Book a table at Persian restaurants in Adelaide to avoid disappointment

    The Persian restaurants in Adelaide are some of the best in the city, and often means a lot of competition for tables. If you're planning a dinner out at Adelaide's Persian restaurants, it would be wise to book in advance to avoid disappointment. With Quandoo, you can scroll through a wide range of Adelaide's Persian restaurants and choose the one you like best based on our diner reviews, chef's menu highlights, exclusive photo galleries and much more. Whether you're planning a special meal out for a birthday or anniversary or simply want to catch up with friends, Quandoo can help you organise the perfect meal.