5 Restaurants in Adelaide: Vietnamese

Dine out in Adelaide's top Vietnamese restaurants

Adelaide is one of Australia’s must-visit places for anyone with a passion for food. The capital of South Australia, this cute coastal city offers diners endless choices and boasts chefs committed to using locally-sourced ingredients, traditional cooking techniques and experimental flavour combinations. Adelaide's Vietnamese restaurants are prime examples of top culinary culture, so you're sure to find something you'll love. Whether you're a fan of banh mi or simply can't resist the charms of a big steaming bowl of pho, there's something for everyone at Adelaide's Vietnamese restaurants.

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Mai Kitchen

Ferryden Park
Mai Kitchen

Chopstix on Rundle

Chopstix on Rundle

Saigonese Cafe

Saigonese Cafe
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City Centre

PHO South Saigon

PHO South Saigon
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    Broaden your horizons in Adelaide's Vietnamese restaurants

    One of the joys of dining out is the chance to enjoy food you may never cook at home, prepared by chefs who have spent years mastering their trade. Adelaide's Vietnamese restaurants are home to some of the best chefs in the city, and as a result are home to some truly outstanding dishes. Try something new at Phonatic on Hindley Street, where dishes like the prawn jelly fish salad or their famous wagyu beef pho have made them a local foodie favourite throughout Adelaide. If you're willing to go for a little explore outside the city centre, some of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Adelaide are located in suburbs like Goodwood. Try Saigonese Cafe on King William Road, where dishes on the menu include the gorgeous Saigonese rice platter of roasted pork or lemongrass chicken served with a seasonal salad.
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    Treat yourself in Adelaide's Vietnamese restaurants

    Whether you're celebrating a birthday, looking for somewhere to take a client or planning a romantic meal with your partner, sometimes you want to go somewhere that little bit special. One of our favourite Vietnamese restaurants in Adelaide is of course, Mai Kitchen. Located on Wright Street in Ferryden Park, this cosy, family-owned and operated restaurant serves up delicious dishes like thit kho trứng, a pork and whole egg dish braised in coconut water served in a traditional clay pot, that’s one of the most delicious dishes in the city. Alternatively, explore the mysterious delights of shaking beef rice – a taste sensation in which the beef, garlic and onion barely stays still in the wok while being stir-fried! Whatever you decide on, this cosy Vietnamese restaurant in Adelaide will satisfy even the most discerning of diners.
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    Kick off the fun at Adelaide's Vietnamese restaurants

    Whether you're heading for a shopping spree at Rundle Mall, watching history come to life at the Migration Museum or taking in high-quality entertainment at one of the city's many performance venues, Adelaide has everything you could ask for. Why not round off your day – or if you’re a night owl – start your evening, with a meal at one of Adelaide's Vietnamese restaurants? Head to SEN on Gouger Street in the city centre for delicious stir fried ginger and spring onion dish with your choice of pork, chicken or beef. Or, to really indulge, try the sizzling crocodile served with garlic and chilli – perfect for the more adventurous of diners.
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    Sample delicious desserts in Adelaide's Vietnamese restaurants

    It’s not all about the mains in Adelaide's Vietnamese restaurants though. Some of Adelaide’s best Vietnamese restaurants are home some seriously delicious desserts. You’ll find menus jam-packed with tasty treats like che ba mau which is known as the ‘three-coloured dessert’, because it mixes a variety different hues like jelly, mung bean paste and beans. For a slightly more unusual dessert, why not mix the best of sweet and savoury and order a che bap – a delicious dessert soup made with sweet corn, toasted sesame seeds and coconut milk. Or, if you'd prefer a non-alcoholic beverage to cleanse your palate instead, Hindley Street’s Phonatic offers gorgeous drinks with fruity tangs like fresh custard apple smoothies that will round off your meal perfectly..
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    Reduce your stress and let Quandoo be your guide

    Arranging meals out isn't always simple, especially when there's a large group of diners involved, each with different dietary and location preferences. That's where Quandoo comes in! We've narrowed down the best Vietnamese restaurants in Adelaide, sampled the menus and listed our recommendations, all so you don't have to. You can book online in minutes, so there's no need to worry about mix-ups either. Say goodbye to the days of stressful reservations and say hello to hassle-free bookings at Adelaide's Vietnamese restaurants with Quandoo.