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Seek out the finest desserts in Perth

Western Australia’s capital city, Perth, boasts fantastic weather and an exciting gastronomic scene. New cafes, restaurants and bars are constantly opening and existing venues are garnering attention and accolades from those in the know, and serve up everything from Indonesian specialties, to European, Indian and American-style fare. But it’s not just savoury food that Perth locals love, with a vast number of people going weak at the knees for a sweet treat as well.

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Mamma Africa

South African
Mamma Africa

Nubia Cafe

Nubia Cafe
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    Healthy diners in Perth love desserts too ]

    Australian cuisine is known for being fresh, simple and healthy, but that doesn’t mean that people don’t love a great pud! You'll even find restaurants and cafes that are solely devoted to desserts in Perth, and whether you’re looking for the ultimate vegan brownie or a fresh lemon sorbet, you’ll be in luck here. Some of Perth’s best dessert venues are also pop-up cafes and themed venues that are greatly enjoyed by tourists and locals alike keen to treat themselves to something sweet! Due to the fine weather, you'll also find an incredibly high number of alfresco and rooftop venues – perfect for enjoying sweet treats with a healthy hit of Vitamin D!
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    International puddings for global sweet lovers

    Australia has a diverse and multicultural population, and its dining scene reflects this. You'll notice this when you order desserts in Perth too. Fancy a Greek treat that’s incredibly sweet? Then try galaktoboureko, an orange-infused semolina pudding with sugar syrup and encased in filo pastry for the perfect end to a Greek feast. Or do you love Italian? Then don't forget to try traditional homemade zabaione made with sweet wine, sugar and egg yolks. It's a cross between a pudding and an alcoholic drink and is one of the best Perth desserts to enjoy on a terrace whilst watching the sunset. Don't worry if you’re coeliac or gluten-intolerant, as here are plenty of fantastic gluten-free treats available too. Like a delicious raw chocolate brownie served with whipped coconut cream, or beetroot-infused red velvet cupcakes on offer at one of the beautiful little cafes.
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    Perth Desserts are pushing the boundaries

    Don't think that desserts in Perth are all traditional however. How does blue cheese and lemon ricotta cheesecake sound? Or a nectarine and maple-bacon ice-cream? Whether you’re a true dessert fiend or just keen to enjoy your restaurant experience for as long as possible, these exciting new desserts will satisfy those sugar cravings and spark a conversation, that’s for sure. And remember that desserts in Perth are best enjoyed with a coffee, a cuppa or a sweet dessert wine to really round off your meal perfectly!