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Cuisine: Persian/Iranian
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2 Restaurants in Perth: Persian/Iranian

Enjoy succulent lamb at Persian restaurants in Perth

Red meat is a popular choice on the menus at Persian restaurants in Perth, so there's plenty to entertain carnivores with here. Over at Safa City Cafe on Walcott Street in Mount Lawley, for example, you can find a range of delicious and authentic beef and lamb dishes including barg (tender and marinated beef fillet cooked how you like it) and koobideh (a traditional minced lamb kebab). And with Quandoo, restaurants like this and more are all available to book online in just a few clicks.

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Recipe Restaurant

East Perth
Recipe Restaurant

Safa City Cafe

Mount Lawley
Safa City Cafe
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    Try speciality chicken dishes at Persian restaurants in Perth

    If you prefer to opt for a leaner meat, Perth's Persian restaurants are full of tasty chicken dishes for you to try as well. Down at Recipe Restaurant on Terrace Road near Langley Park, the chef recommends a delicious skewer of succulent chicken breast cooked in a marinade of lemon juice, saffron, capsicum and onions, all served alongside grilled tomatoes, saffron rice and BBQ jalapeños. If you fancy something lighter, the potato salad here is made with delicious chicken as well as egg, pickles, green peas and more, all topped off with rosemary Turkish bread.
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    Go veggie at Persian restaurants in Perth

    While it may seem as though menus at Perth's Persian restaurants are focused on meat dishes, vegetarians will definitely be able to find plenty of dishes too. The cuisine's heavy use of fresh vegetables and salads combined with beans and pungent spices means there's plenty of meat-free food to enjoy. At Safa City Cafe, for example, there's a wide range of veggie options including authentic potato patties (made with onions and eggs), a delicious eggplant stew (with potato, onion, tomato and zucchini) as well as traditional appetisers such as kashk o badenjan (grilled eggplant served with onion, garlic, mint and whey sauce).
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    Save room for dessert at Persian restaurants in Perth

    Persian cuisine (and Middle Eastern cuisine more generally) is noted for a range of popular ingredients which lend themselves to excellent desserts, such as nuts, dairy products like cream, and sugary syrups. You can find a range of puddings at Persian restaurants in Perth, including aab havij bastani (an ice cream float with an unusual but tasty carrot juice topping), shirini tar (a choice of cakes with cream), and iconic dishes like rice pudding. And if a heavy dessert sounds like too much, simply as your server for a classic Iranian tea with an infusion of rose petals.