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There is more to Japanese food in Brisbane than the clinical world of the sushi bar. If you’re looking for something more down to earth, more welcoming and more filling than the slithers of raw fish masquerading as a meal, then you need to pay Harajuku Gyoza a visit. They have locations all over the city that specialise in the food of the izakaya, the Japanese speakeasy and their menu, as the name suggests, is heavy on the dumplings and backs them up with katsu curry, ramen and a fair whack of beers and sake to boot. Book a table at their CBD location on Albert Lane to experience what they have to offer.

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Harajuku Gyoza - Albert Lane
141 Queen Street, Brisbane CBD
Brisbane 4000

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Edamame with Sea Salt


Tempura Eggplant


Agedashi Tofu


More about Harajuku Gyoza - Albert Lane, Brisbane CBD

There are few establishments as quintessentially Japanese as the humble izakaya, the drinking and eating dens so beloved of the legions of salarymen and women that love nothing more than to pig out and get stuck into the sake at the end of a long day in the office. When considering how to pick up the best in izakaya in Brisbane, then the only name that you need to know is Harajuku Gyoza, where they can keep the Japanese delicacies coming until you can take no more. If you’re in the CBD, then your local outlet is on Queen Street, where they will be more than willing to keep the dishes coming and coming.

Those dishes can take many forms, but realistically it is with the gyoza dumplings that you are going to want to start. The kitchen staff at Harajuku Gyoza on Albert Lane in the CBD can do them fried or poached and filled with pork or chicken, whole prawns, duck or veggies as you wish. On top of that – and if you can still find space – they’ll knock out a top notch bowl of steaming ramen noodles, a pork katsudon or a chicken katsu curry, all to be accompanied by enough sake to put Mel Gibson on his backside. Book a table and get ready for one of the best Japanese restaurants in Brisbane.

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35 Reviews
Noise levels:Average
Value for money:Good value
Waiting time:Very good
Jessica W.3 months ago · 1 review

Love this place so much! Have had 3 of my birthdays here. Awesome for groups. I really miss the cocktail jugs they used to have though!

James C.6 months ago · 1 review

Harajuku Gyoza is the best place for izakaya style treats. The beers is ice cold, the food is a delicious mix of traditional Japanese pub food with a few modern twists and the service is super friendly. If you're hungry, thirsty and in the mood for great (but reasonably priced) Japanese food head to Harajuku Gyoza.

Heidi B.9 months ago · 1 review

Delicious food and drinks. Lots of different things to try. Great service and a really fun place to eat! We will be back again soon!