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Xenos Restaurant is a Sydney eatery and bar with a very long shelf life. It’s been at the same address down Crows Nest’s Burlington Street since that lovely summer of 1969, and it’s still going strong, standing proud as a leader in the community’s hospitality scene as the neighbourhood blossomed into a culinary hub crammed with edible possibilities. A veteran in a sea of fresh­faces (this eatery pioneered al fresco dining in the area!), Xenos remains a local favourite for its innovative approach to delicious Greek and modern Australian cuisine. A friendly word of warning: despite expanding to almost double its size some years ago, Xenos remains popular to the point of packing out – reserve to avoid disappointment.

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Xenos Restaurant
7 Burlington Street, Crows Nest
Sydney 2065

Menu Highlights




w/ smoked ham, cheddar cheese, tomato s/w hash brown and sourdough toast

Corn Fritters with Poached eggs

bacon, avocado, roast tomato and relish


Caesar Salad

cos lettuce, bacon, garlic croutons, egg and shaved parmesan

More about Xenos Restaurant, Crows Nest

Gone (but for the oldies not forgotten) are the days of Xenos Restaurant’s original incarnation as the local linoleum­floored milk bar, but thankfully doubled is this Crows Nest institution’s ability to serve up fantastic contemporary Greek and Australian cuisine to an increasingly eager horde of Crows Nest locals and Sydney diners. The Burlington Street foodie scene’s been growing steadily for some time now, and Xenos has always been there leading the charge, whether it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner, well­stocked wine cellars and dessert selections, cocktails and coffee. Thanks to Kathy and Peter Xenos, and now their sons Tim and Dennis, the North Shore has, and long will have, a destination for that delicious collision of Mediterranean and Aussie taste traditions.

You’d be forgiven for wondering what was exceptional about outdoor dining along Crows Nest’s Burlington Street, an area where al fresco eating is now a standard, but not only did Xenos Restaurant first successfully lobby for the first streetside dealing in this Sydney dining hotspot, but it is always the best way to enjoy Greek cuisine – after all these forward­thinking and food­obsessed Mediterranean people have been eating sunkissed food on sunkissed terraces for a good 3,000 years. At Xenos, diners can enjoy breakfasts of Greek­style scrambled eggs, lunches of Sydney rock oysters or Spring Bay mussels, or opulent dinners with dishes like Greek slow­roasted lamb, Australian seafood specialties or premium Wagyu beef outdoors or in the spacious and beautifully appointed interior. Secure a spot in the sun now!

128 Xenos Restaurant Reviews

128 Reviews
Waiting time:Exceptionally good
Value for money:Good value
Noise levels:Average
Andrea C.6 days ago · 1 review

A great family friendly restaurant. We have been going there for lunches and dinners both as a couple and with our children for over 15 years. Lots of options for food.

Claire B.10 days ago · 1 review

Great selection of Mediterranean dishes, quick service and plenty of space for groups. The Lamb Shanks is a particular delight, recommended along with the Creme Brûlée to finish

Adel E.13 days ago · 1 review

Delicious food, fast service, friendly and efficient staff. Liked the variety on the menu; excellent appetizers, and desserts, Portions are really generous with great taste. Favourite restaurant