2 Restaurants in Sydney: Peruvian

International culinary genius shines in Sydney’s Peruvian restaurants

The intoxicating fusion of cultures and flavours in Peruvian cuisine is a lively blend of traditional recipes from the Andean Incas, mixed with the colonising Spanish conquistadors and topped up with a melange of Italian, French, Japanese, African and Chinese ingredients and techniques. A blend of culinary inspiration and spectacular geography, the recipes of Peruvian cuisine fuse local traditions with ingredients from the Pacific Ocean, the Andes and the Amazon jungle. Peruvian restaurants in Sydney offer a magnificent ceviche – bite-sized chunks of fresh fish marinated in salty-sour-spicy 'Tigers Milk', eaten raw in translucent succulence. This national dish is thought to have aphrodisiac properties, and is used as a hangover cure. Try it yourself and see!

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Inca's Restaurant

Inca's Restaurant

La Cocina Peruana

La Cocina Peruana
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    Explore the heart of Lima at Peruvian restaurants in Sydney

    Lima is notable as the culinary diamond of South America’s restaurants and food scene. Imagine yourself in the enticing food market at San Isidro and find the lively colours and tastes transplanted to these deliciously authentic Peruvian restaurants in Sydney. Go on a journey from the Incas, to hidden gems of the high Andes in the inner West and out along the Pacific Ocean, by taking your taste buds on a trip through Peruvian culture at Sydney’s restaurants. Absorb all the colours and flavours of the nation through its tropical fruits, maize and sweet potatoes, mixed with spicy charcoal grilled chicken, alpaca or beef heart – to name a few.
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    Tradition and innovation flavour Peruvian cuisine in Sydney

    Peruvian Restaurants in Sydney offer a fresh take on the classic ceviche; or culinary innovations like quinoa and duck risotto. Traditional options abound too, such as the Pollo a la Brasa (whole roasted spicy marinated chicken), served with green huacatay (Peruvian black mint, garlic & chilli mayonnaise); Anticuchos de Corazón (charcoal-grilled alpaca or beef heart) marinated in garlic, spicy ají pepper and served kebab style with potato and a dash of lime. Just imagine that you're strolling through the ancient citadel of Machu Picchu as you survey the menu!
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    Drink to ancient grains at Peruvian restaurants in Sydney

    Superfoods originating in Peru include quinoa, maca and kiwicha – served to astronauts by Nasa – due to the nutritional value offered by these ancient harvests. Share a glass of Pilsen Callao or Cristal in a friendly Peruvian drinking ritual, or try local artisanal beers Arequipeña, Cusqueña (worldwide export from the Incan capital, Cuzco) and Pilsen Trujillo. A Pisco Sour, the refreshing authentic Peruvian cocktail, will certainly help you celebrate this evening of luscious flavours and Peruvian culinary heritage at restaurants in Sydney!