3 Restaurants in Sydney: Portuguese

Fill your boots at Portuguese restaurants in Sydney

Portuguese cuisine is known for its delicious meat dishes, especially beef and pork. Here at Portuguese restaurants in Sydney there are lots of meat-filled dishes to try, often made in delicious creamy and wine infused sauces. At Gloria's Portuguese Restaurant on Audley Street, for example, you can try alentejana (diced pork pieces fried with coriander and clams and served on a bed of cubed fried potatoes), the guisado de carneiro (a lamb and red wine casserole made with carrots and potatoes) or the delicious T-bone steak made with a creamy mushroom sauce.

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Gloria's Portuguese Restaurant

Gloria's Portuguese Restaurant

Costa Do Sol

Costa Do Sol

Wild Caktus

Pennant Hills
Wild Caktus
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    Enjoy seafood dishes at Portuguese restaurants in Sydney

    Seafood is one of the most popular elements used in Portuguese cuisine, and with Sydney's coastal location providing loads of freshly sourced fish, it’s no surprise that Sydney's Portuguese restaurants are ideal for feasting on delicious seafood. Dishes on offer here include arroz de marisco (rice with king prawns, fish, clams and mussels) and bacalhau a braz (shredded salt-dried cod stir-fried with eggs, onions and potatoes), as well as simple dishes like the filetes de peixe (fish fillets served with salad and chips)
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    Share tapas at Portuguese restaurants in Sydney

    Sharing small plates of food is a popular way of sociable eating in Portugal, and here at the Portuguese restaurants in Sydney there's lots of tapas options if you fancy getting your mates together to try some delicious food. At Gloria's Portuguese Restaurant you can find plenty of authentic and tasty small plates, including camarao com alho (garlic prawns cooked in chilli and olive oil), cogumelos com alho (vegetarian garlic mushrooms) and chourico grelhado na mesa (delectable chorizo grilled at your table).
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    Reserve ahead to get a table at Portuguese restaurants in Sydney

    With gorgeous dishes like these on offer, Portuguese restaurants in Sydney are pretty popular. To ensure you get a table when you head out for lunch or dinner, it's a good idea to book in advance and reserve a place. With Quandoo, you can do this in just a few clicks without having to call ahead. We've even done all the hard work for you and researched the Portuguese restaurants in Sydney and compiled menu highlights, location information and more. Dining out has never been so easy!